Due to Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City is become the NFL’s center of pop culture.

The six New England states, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, Miami, and Boston are the major metropolises that have been home to the league’s dominant dynasties throughout the previous 60 years. Pittsburgh’s 1970s run was an uncommon outlier.

But Terry Bradshaw didn’t reach his full potential in this contemporary media landscape and wasn’t a signal caller in the same mold as Patrick Mahomes. To think the NFL planned for the Paris of the Plains to serve as their center of operations rather than the cities home to the Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams, Jets, or Giants would need you to be a conspiracy theorist. One of the NFL’s smaller media markets is Kansas City, whose most well-known supporter from the previous season was a man on the run who stole money from banks while dressing like a wolf to support his Chiefs obsession.

Mahomes is the lone athlete who is getting close to the legendary status of the recently retired Tom Brady. Mahomes has elevated Kansas City to the pinnacle of the sports monoculture in a society that is becoming more and more divided, even across national boundaries. The Chiefs were taken to new heights by Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, but if Alex Smith had been the quarterback, he would not have had the influence to get the eye of a Grammy mainstay.

The NFL conversation will become less relevant for the next ten years due to Mahomes’ chase of Brady. Although it is necessary to elevate one over the other, each are equally talented and have made history in their own right. Brady’s Paul McCartney is Mahomes, the Michael Jordan in the clutch, but Michael Jackson behind the line of scrimmage. Mahomes is a multi-talented prodigy who uses some of the most inventive footwork we have ever seen from a quarterback to moonwalk around pass rushes and rocket CGI passes at ridiculous angles.

Brady receives a demotion for his incapacity to produce alchemy when he’s running. Although he lacks Mahomes’ tap dancing skills, his achievement was comparable to that of one of the greatest singers, songwriters, and composers of all time.

Brady and McCartney produce hit after hit, but Mahomes simply moves in a different way. Thankfully, a world in which Brady is stuck giving color commentary during Super Bowls as Mahomes eliminates their championship difference is still edging closer.

But don’t even try comparing them or their respective realms of influence. Along with Brady, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Patrice Bergeron, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon all lived in Massachusetts. For Mahomes, Kansas City is his domain.

The third Super Bowl together for Mahomes and Travis Kelce in Kansas City is like what would have happened if LeBron James had won three crowns in Cleveland rather than moving to South Beach, Florida. The typical American, at least, is aware of Cleveland’s location. Donald Trump hailed Kansas following the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl victory just four short years ago.

We wouldn’t have memorable pictures like Jason Kelce introducing himself to Ice Spice softly before he became too drunk to recall her name if it weren’t for Mahomes and Kelce sparking three Super Bowl runs. The Chiefs’ cultural influence will only grow as they pursue a third straight championship.


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