Ravens set to deduct starman’s salary and redistribute the money they save after parting ways with another prominent defender

The Baltimore Ravens are facing a terrible salary cap situation, and unless they are able to make some space on the roster, things will change significantly in 2019. So, should the Ravens break ways with top cornerback Marlon Humphrey, who is expected to earn $22.8 million this season, and use the money saved to redistribute?
Right now, Baltimore’s free agency budget of $7.3 million is simply too tiny to resign its own free agents, much less sign a big fish that might help the team overcome obstacles and make it to the Super Bowl for the first time since Lamar Jackson.

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If the Ravens hang onto Humphrey, he would likely earn the third-highest salary on the team in the upcoming season. However, OverTheCap.com reports that releasing Humphrey after June would free up $11.75 million in cap space and leave the team with a $11.12 million dead cap hit. Humphrey, a former All-Pro, was worth every penny of his five-year contract extension when he signed it in 2020. However, he was only able to play in 10 games the previous season because to injuries, and he labored with persistent calf, hamstring, and foot pain.

The team’s dominance last season—which included three of the best cornerbacks and the No. 1 defense—despite his absence from the field is what makes him appear the most expendable, according to Pro Football Focus.

Humphrey’s deal is more likely to be restructured by Baltimore than released this offseason, but his name should be kept an eye on given his injury problems from the previous season, the availability of other free agents who might take precedence, and the NFL Draft’s potential pool of replacements.

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