Good News: Tennessee Titans In Discussion To Sign Another Experienced Man

Colt Anderson is reportedly going to be the next coordinator of special teams for the Titans, however the hiring has not yet been officially announced.Since sacking Mike Vrabel as head coach a month ago, the Tennessee Titans have made multiple coaching changes. The Titans will have a new head coach, defensive coordinator, and offensive coordinator going into the 2024 campaign. Additionally, rumors indicate that the Titans will hire an assistant offensive line coach and a new special teams coordinator. Colt Anderson, who previously collaborated with newly appointed Titans head coach Brian Callahan, is most likely the new coordinator of special teams. For the previous four seasons, Anderson and Callahan were employed by the Cincinnati Bengals, with Anderson serving as an assistant special teams coach. With so many moving pieces for the Titans this summer, 2024 could go in a lot of different directions. But the coaching changes happened early enough in the offseason so that the club had time to get used to it and be prepared for 2024. Just one of the Titans’ forty-two punt returns in 2023 gained more than twenty yards, indicating their lack of success with the play.Reports: Ex-Griz Colt Anderson to be named Tennessee Titans' special teams coach

Their punt return squad also committed three fumbles, which put their team in too many dangerous positions. The Titans could not even muster eight yards per return, making them among the teams with the lowest average yards per return. In contrast, the Bengals returned five punts for more than 20 yards in 2023 and averaged over 10 yards per return. Despite making eight less attempts than the Titans, the Bengals punt return squad had more overall punt return yards. Therefore, Anderson’s Bengals special teams experience could help the Titans punt return unit set up their offense for 2024 success.

Anderson Can Coach With Excellent Specialists
Nick Folk plays kicker for the Titans. He had a fantastic season in 2023, demonstrating his versatility from a variety of distances by missing just one field goal in thirty attempts. The lone field goal that Folk missed was stopped at the line of scrimmage. He only failed to miss two additional points, one of which was likewise blocked. Even at almost forty years old, Folk’s playing is still excellent. In three of his last four seasons, he has made more than 92% of his field goal attempts. In light of this, Anderson is inheriting a special teams unit that plays its kicker consistently, which is essential for the team to succeed. Ryan Stonehouse, one of the NFL’s top punters, is another player on the Titans. Despite only being 24 years old, more than half of his 53 punt returns were downed inside the 20-yard line of the opposition. This figure demonstrates a punter’s accuracy and aids the team in winning the game’s battle for field position. Stonehouse’s injury from 2023, which ended the season, raises questions for the upcoming campaign. He still has plenty of time to recover from the injury before he has to resume performing at a high level, though.

Anderson Needs to Assist in Blocking Special Teams
The Titans had a field goal and an extra point blocked in 2023, as was previously noted. In one game against the Colts, the club also had many punts blocked, which resulted in Stonehouse’s injury. The Titans’ inability to properly block will make the specialists’ skill level irrelevant, regardless of how good they are. The Titans should have won their game against the Colts, but a blocked punt was returned for a score, which contributed to sending the contest into overtime. Anderson will therefore need to enhance his special teams blocking if the Titans are to have success in the upcoming year. To be honest, their offensive line needs to get better at blocking, since they were unable to keep any quarterback safe during the previous season.

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