Richard Keys expresses his dismay over something “incomprehensible” that happened during the Newcastle game

Newcastle United received a huge slice of luck during their 2-2 draw with Bournemouth on Saturday.

Richard Keys says something 'unfathomable' happened during the Newcastle  game this weekend

Presenter Richard Keys, who expressed his shock at the penalty the Magpies were given in the second half, seems to think that way.

Following a protracted VAR examination during which the referees examined a shirt pull on Fabian Schar that was inside the box, a decision was made.

The Toon defender’s shirt was obviously ripped, but the problem was that he was in fact offside when the ball was played. Schar had not yet been able to significantly affect play, though, thus the foul overwrote the offside.

That led to the awarding of a penalty, which Anthony Gordon scored.

Richard Keys angry about Newcastle penalty vs Bournemouth

In retrospect, it was an odd choice, and it has infuriated the vocal Richard Keys. In his weekly blog, he has written about the incident.

In his writing, he stated, “But Rob Jones in VAR gets involved because he reckons Newcastle should have a pen.”

“Michael Salisbury (yes, that guy again) and Jones decide to give the pen after four minutes.

This is the part that defies comprehension. Schar is offside, they concede, but he was “denied the chance to impact the play,” according to them. How come? For heaven’s sake, he was offside. The first offense is that. Make the choice. It’s simple. I’m not making this up, by the way. The matchday center informed beINSPORTS of this.

“I recognize that you might not be actively participating while in an offside position. It would have been okay if Schar had been farther away from the ball’s fall. He wasn’t, though. It was aimed at him. He is therefore not on the right track. Andoni Iraola, who had evidently been given the same explanation as us, was completely perplexed.

“For this reason, it is essential that we can hear the discussions occurring at the monitor. What in the world were Jones and Salisbury talking about? And they fucked it up in four minutes. It’s terrifying how incompetent they are. I’ll say it again: Webb (showbiz showbiz showbiz) is unable to justify that choice.

Strange decision benefits Newcastle

Although the decision’s reasoning makes logical, it is extremely unclear. Someone is not entitled to be eliminated only because they are in violation of the rules. It does seem cruel on Bournemouth, though. We would have been upset to give up a penalty like that if it had been the other way around.

Following a protracted VAR review, it was revealed, and as usual, nobody at St. James’ Park knew what was wrong.

Matt Ritchie, of all people, was the only person the Magpies needed to save a point on a dismal Tyneside afternoon. Newcastle gave a dismal showing, and both teams’ refereeing was dubious.

Michael Salisbury, making his first appearance at St. James’ Park since September 2022, had a rather turbulent afternoon. If he performs like he did on Saturday, it will likely be some time before he is asked back.


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