Breaking News: Green Bay Packers Set To Lose 50-Game Starter To The Baltimore Ravens

Unexpectedly, the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers might share the same goals in 2024. to secure the Super Bowl. The Packers’ goal is to elevate their team from one that is playoff-caliber to one that is championship-caliber. The Ravens intend to overcome their postseason setback and return to the Super Bowl.

Drama and other events behind him, Packers' Matt LaFleur has earned a  “normal”offseason - Acme Packing Company

According to one source, the Ravens plan to sign a former starting quarterback from the Packers.

The Baltimore Ravens May Show Massive Interest In 50-Game Green Bay Packers Starter

A to Z Sports’ Wendell Ferreira outlined the many reasons why Baltimore would benefit greatly from this move:

The Ravens need to add inside offensive lineman options because Kevin Zeitler and John Simpson are free agents. Although Runyan isn’t a particularly good run blocker, Todd Monken values his pass protection, therefore it’s crucial that he play that way.

Runyan, whose father John was an NFC East player for the Philadelphia Eagles for nine seasons, started for the Packers for the last three seasons. He established himself as a starter during that time, making 53 games, including three in the postseason.

Runyan’s primary asset when it comes to pass protection is his consistency. among each of his three seasons as a starter, Pro Football Focus has ranked him among the top 10 guards in the NFL for pass blocking effectiveness.

It would be incredibly prudent for Baltimore to pursue Lamar Jackson in order to maintain his upright position. This offseason, the seasoned offensive lineman is expected to become available for hire. Keep an eye on the Ravens to pick him up if the Packers don’t try to re-sign him.


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