LSU’s Angel Reese congratulated Iowa’s Caitlin Clark in a mysterious way after setting a hilarious NCAA record

After Iowa’s Caitlin Clark broke the NCAA record for the most points scored by a women’s basketball player, LSU women’s basketball standout Angel Reese stood up to support Clark when Sheryl Swoope questioned her achievement.

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Before Clark broke the previous record of 3,527 career points held by Kelsey Plum, Swoopes declared that the Iowa standout wasn’t deserving of the new high.

“If Kelsey Plum set that record in four years, well, Caitlin should’ve broke that record in four years,” Swoopes stated on the “Gil’s Arena” radio show. However, you understand what I mean when I say that there are COVID years and then other years. She now has an additional year to smash that record. Is this really a broken record then? I’m not sure. Not in my opinion. Yes, that will be entered into the record books. Furthermore, I believe it shouldn’t be.”

Following her criticism of Clark, who is in her fourth season at Iowa, Swoopes experienced a fierce backlash.

The WNBA and Texas Tech legend obviously recognized her error fast, and she contacted Reese to find out how she could make things right.

During a broadcast of the Baylor-Texas Tech game, Swoopes remarked, “Honestly, a couple of weeks ago I reached out to Angel and had a really good conversation with Angel over the phone and sent a message to Caitlin.” And she gave a reply. I shifted back and forth with her. I’ll let her decide whether or not to disclose what she said; I won’t tell you what she said.

Swoopes acknowledged that her criticism was incorrect.

Swoopes corrected her, adding, “But I will say what I said was I made a mistake in saying it was your fifth year when it is your fourth.” Respect her for everything that she has done for the game. And I’ll let her handle that if she wants to discuss how that conversation went and what her response was. But the talk was excellent.

Although Reese and Clark got into a heated argument at the conclusion of the NCAA championship game in April, it’s evident that the two still have a good deal of mutual respect.


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