Portsmouth boss explains what took place in meetings with Eisners in revealing insight to owners visit

John Mousinho has revealed details about high-level discussions with Pompey’s owners, who flew in last week.

Michael Eisner on Former Disney Colleagues, Rivals and Bob Iger's Successor  – The Hollywood Reporter

And the Blues disclosed some of the unexpected topics of those discussions last week, during their three-game tour to these shores.

Chairman Michael Eisner and board members Eric Eisner and Andy Redman flew in to witness Cambridge United’s triumph over Reading and Pompey Women’s victory over Chatham.

since always, they met with Mousinho, his team, and the club’s board to evaluate developments at PO4, since things are now going well on the pitch.

Mousinho said that recruitment negotiations took place as part of an assessment of January’s business, with five new faces joining to supplement the Championship effort.

But there was also a strong emphasis on on-field concerns, as the head coach and his team discussed technical details with the club’s owners.

Mousinho explained that the sessions were more of a recap of January than team planning.

‘They covered a wide range of topics, including individual players and how they’re doing, and, given the proximity of the transfer window, Michael and Eric were particularly interested in seeing how the new acquisitions were doing.

‘Also, given we chatted after the Cambridge game, I thought it would be interesting for everyone to gain some tactical insight into that game.

‘The Cambridge game was particularly fascinating since we made a few changes at halftime. So we talked about what we were doing and why we were doing it, and we did the same over the weekend with the adjustments to the way we pressed Read.

‘These were the kinds of chats we were having.

‘I believe that as owners who have been here for several years, their knowledge of football has grown.

So there are talks you can have with others about the intricacies of the games.

‘To be honest, it seems really natural and delightful. There’s a significant amount of interest there, especially from Eric.

Mousinho believes there is no reason why the club’s owners should not be aware of what Pompey’s coaching staff is working on as they battle for promotion to the second division. That entailed investigating the sports science and data aspects of the club’s business.

Mousinho went on to say, ‘In the past, there’s been a lot of focus on recruitment between the head coach and executives, but I don’t see why we can’t talk about what we do on the training field and why we do it that way.

‘Michael, in particular, is interested by some of the physical data we generate. It may surprise you, but they are genuinely interested in that aspect of the football team. I think it’s really interesting, so their attention is excellent.

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