Texas AD Chris Del Conte Outlines The Future Of Longhorn And Reveals Major Problems Of The Team

Texas Longhorns Athletics Director Chris Del Conte announced multiple measures to improve DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium on Tuesday night, including a proposed project for an updated football practice facility. The university unveiled the new complex last April, and construction will begin in June. The new sports facility will be located south of the Rec Sports Center, where the Steve Hicks School of Social Work and Child Development Center currently stands.

Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte: 'No chance' Longhorns stray away  from burnt orange and white colors | Fox News

Del Conte addressed the center’s relocation, noting that he would not remove the social work students’ offices if they were in use. After it was announced that the social work office would be upgraded, Del Conte moved quickly to secure the site for Texas Athletics. “When the social work building became available, I met with President [Jay] Hartzell and asked if we could participate in this new venture to have that area, so we’ll have a brand new indoor and outdoor field,” Del Conte said in a statement on Tuesday.

Along with the practice facility, Del Conte announced plans for a new scoreboard, recruiting lounge, Touchdown Club renovations, extra upper-deck suites, and UT club and concessions within the stadium. The new football complex will also include private parking for student-athletes.

“We’re going to address the scoreboard, it was time to get that done and to be honest, it’s kind of a mess, so we’ll have the new scoreboard ready to go this summer and it is going to be backlit with a whole new metal structure that when you see it and (teams) from the Southeastern Conference walk in, they’re going to know they’re in DKR-Memorial Stadium,” Del Conte said. “We just finished part of our brand-new recruiting lounge, we just opened that up now.”

Another important shift coming to Austin is concession. Del Conte announced plans for a “grab and go” strategy that would allow spectators to acquire tickets quickly and enjoy the game without having to wait in line. Del Conte stated that he intended to make more of an effort to give food and drink alternatives while also providing more efficient service to spectators.

“We know you’re spending dollars on us so we want to be mindful of that and part of that is coming into the stadium and having accessible food at fan-friendly pricing,” Del Conte said in a statement. “We’ll be offering these throughout the stadium and if you see the grab-and-go’s that we have at Moody [Center] we’ll redo the concessions on the concourse of the east side now.”

Del Conte aims to be a premier site in the SEC once Texas joins. This involves making night games an important part of the Big 12 program over time, with kickoffs at 11 a.m. or midday.

Del Conte hopes that Texas, along with Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee, will be regarded as a top gameday destination for late-night kickoffs. “There are 11 am windows in the SEC, but they’re never Alabama against LSU or Alabama against Texas,” Del Conte said. “Those games will always be later, it would be disingenuous of me to say that we won’t have any early games, I just don’t think we’ll have a steady diet of them.” Texas’ season begins Aug. 31 at DKR versus Colorado State.

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