JUST IN: Celtic Stars Call Ray Allen a Betrayal For Joining Miami Heat

After leaving the Celtics for their competitor, Ray Allen delivered one of the most legendary baskets in NBA history, which helped the Heat win the title in 2013.

Paul Pierce calls for end to beef with Ray Allen: 'Time to get the band  back together - radiozona.com.ar

For five seasons, the Boston Celtics’ lineup included the championship-winning trio of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. In the summer of 2012, Allen decided to join the Miami Heat.

Allen’s departure from Boston intensified the Celtics-Heat rivalry. According to reports, Garnett and Pierce had a strained relationship with the 10-time All-Star for years.

According to the Dan Le Batard Show, Pierce addressed what caused animosity between the Celtics and Allen.

Ray Allen was reported to be looking for a house in Miami before the series ended. “He didn’t warn us or give us a phone call while we were competing for the championship.”

Pierce felt betrayed by his old teammates.

“You go to war with your brothers and share family activities with them…” Then you go to the team we’re aiming to beat without telling us. “That felt like a betrayal.”


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