TRENDING: Detroit Pistons make a lot of moves to sign different top stars but were they the right ones?

The Detroit Pistons were busy before the trade deadline, moving away half of their squad, but the action hasn’t stopped there.

My belief in the Detroit Pistons rebuild is at an all-time low - Detroit  Bad Boys

They recently made a flurry of changes to their G-League affiliate, beginning with the release of Malcolm Cazalon.

The Pistons have received nothing from their G-League club, the Motor City Cruise, or their two-way contracts in four seasons, which is unacceptable given that they were one of the NBA’s youngest and weakest teams at the time, with plenty of developmental minutes available to try out players.

They are attempting to make up for lost time by signing three players to long-term contracts, some of which make sense and others do not.

Pistons sign Tosan Evbuomwan to a two-way deal

According to sources, the Pistons recently signed forward Tosan Evbuomwan to a 10-day contract, which was then changed into a two-way contract.

This season, the 6-foot-7 forward from Princeton is averaging 15.6 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 2.4 assists in the G-League, shooting just under 40% from long range.

The Pistons sorely need two-way wings, and Evbuomwan has pleased his coaches this season with his ability to impact games in a variety of ways.

He’s only played eight minutes for Detroit this season, but he did run in four games for Memphis, whose interest may have encouraged the Pistons to sign Evbuomwan for the following season.

Buddy Boeheim

For some reason, the Pistons also signed nepo-baby Buddy Boeheim to a TWO-YEAR, two-way contract. Boeheim has shot the lights out from long range in the G-League this season (43 percent on 7.8 attempts per game), and he has supposedly lost weight and improved his defense.

I will believe it when I see it.

Even if you thought his shooting would translate to the NBA (it hasn’t so far), why give him a two-year contract? Were there really that many teams looking to steal Boeheim away from Detroit?

It’s not Buddy’s fault that his father is a famous coach who happens to be friends with the Pistons’ general manager, but until he proves himself at the NBA level, fans will question if he got the job due of that relationship rather than his ability on the floor.

I hope he proves us wrong and becomes the Pistons’ Duncan Robinson, as the same things were stated about his game before he became a valuable member of the Heat.

Stanley Umude gets a shot with the big team

Perhaps the most startling news was that wing Stanley Umude allegedly signed a two-year contract with the Detroit Pistons to join the team’s full-time roster.

I like this move since Umude has performed well for the Pistons this season and should have received the minutes that Isaiah Livers was getting.

In the G-League, he averages 8.6 3-pointers per game and makes 37 percent of them. He competes on defense and will be on a minimum contract, so this is a backup move.

The Pistons only have seven players under contract for next season (now eight), so they’ll need some cheap bench players, and they’re familiar with Umude.

We’ll see whether any of this works, but it’s encouraging that the Pistons are now attempting to develop some players from the Motor City Cruise.


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