BREAKING NEWS: ESPN suggests an orthodox move for the Rams this offseason

When it comes to the Los Angeles Rams, general manager Les Snead is always capable of making the daring move that propels his team forward. Snead has often demonstrated during his career that he is not afraid to make that type of move.

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After “re-tooling” last season, the Rams are once again in a position to make a big move if they so want. Last week, ESPN’s Aaron Schatz, who also owns DVOA, proposed a bold move that every NFL team should make this offseason. Schatz’s big move for the Rams was not very audacious, but given their history, one could argue that it was. According to Schatz, the Rams should make a dramatic move this offseason by using their first-round choice. Here’s what Schatz said.

“The Rams haven’t utilized a first-round pick since Jared Goff in 2016. This would be an excellent place to supplement an offensive line that may lose two starters in free agency, perhaps by selecting a tackle prospect who could play inside at first and then move outside after a few years. Possible candidates include Alabama’s JC Latham, Oregon State’s Taliese Fuaga, and Oklahoma’s Tyler Guyton.

At 19, the Rams are projected to use their first-round pick. They could still trade down and into the early stages of the second round if they want to. If the appropriate player becomes available, they might also trade that choice in full for him.

Back in January, Snead stated that “it’s a little too early to tell” whether the Rams would make their first first-round pick since 2016. McVay quipped on Wednesday during a news conference, “Oh, that’s a big if,” when asked if he was excited about the possibility of having a first-round choice.

In the case that the Rams do use their first-round pick, it will be the first time that they’ve done so in the McVay era. Again, sitting at 19, it’s very likely that the Rams do use their first round pick. There should be plenty of options at that spot for them to add a young, talented player to the roster. At the same time, it’s Snead and the Rams and first-round picks are far from a guarantee.


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