DONE DEAL: Rams Have Completed The Signing Of Dolphins Star And Set Top Priority For Kevin Dotson Following Recent Moves

After Demarcus Robinson signing, Kevin Dotson must be next priority for Rams.

Rams and wide receiver Demarcus Robinson agree to one-year contract - Yahoo  Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have begun making moves ahead of free agency. On Wednesday, they released Brian Allen to save $4.9 million, then on Friday, they re-signed wide receiver Demarcus Robinson to a one-year contract worth up to $5,000,000.

It was merely the start of a significant offseason for the Rams, and they’re far from done. With around $36 million in effective cap space, they will have plenty of room to sign a marquee star and fill out the remainder of the squad. However, within that $36 million, they must spend for Kevin Dotson, who should be the team’s next priority.

Making Robinson a priority and the team’s first “signing” of the offseason is unsurprising. Last year, the Rams wide receiver had only 26 receptions for 371 yards, but he improved dramatically near the conclusion of the season. He and Stafford have a clear connection. Robinson placed 10th among players who received at least 35 targets last season, with a passer rating of 120.8. The Stafford-Robinson link had the ninth highest success rate in 2023. He topped all Rams wide receivers in ESPN Open Score.

Robinson had a successful training camp and was able to demonstrate it on the field in December and January. McVay said in August, “He’s confident. You like the men that want the ball.

While Robinson was an essential signing, Dotson must be next on the list. Having said that, it’s unlikely that anything will happen here before the free agency season begins. As Les Snead stated at the conclusion of the season,

Rams 2023 free agents: Why re-signing Kevin Dotson should come first - Turf  Show Times

“The way we attempt to do it here, we’ll go a little slower. We’ll have to be intentional about going through this process. We’ll start creating a blueprint and, more critically, a communication timetable so that they know where they are at all times.

In other words, the Rams will be patient and let the process play out. They will determine Dotson’s value to other teams and proceed from there. However, that method is not without risk, and the Rams must avoid making the same mistake three times.

The Rams used this strategy with Rodger Saffold in 2014 and 2019. If Saffold had not failed his Raiders physical, the Rams would have lost him. Instead, they lost him in 2019 to the Tennessee Titans. They also used this strategy with Austin Corbett, allowing him to become a free agent and negotiate with other teams. They lost him to the Carolina Panthers.

That is not to imply that the Rams’ approach here is terrible. However, it makes them vulnerable to losing key players, particularly in the early stages of free agency when teams are more ready to pay more money. In one way, the Rams are staying true to their numbers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Teams can get into difficulty for overpaying players with large contracts, especially if they force the issue. That was the case for Von Miller two years ago.

Still, Dotson’s position is considerably more similar to that of Saffold and Corbett, in which the Rams stood by as two key players left the building for another team. Snead and McVay have both expressed a desire to be consistent up front on the offensive line. Snead stated following the season, “Continuity is definitely the vision.” That’s also been a prevalent theme in debates about bringing back Coleman Shelton.

The deal complicates things for Dotson. However, given how the former Pittsburgh Steelers guard fared for the Rams after being moved last season, he should be their next priority.

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