ESPN Report:An Experienced Man Discusses His Possibility of Joining the Giants Again in 2

On the most recent episode of Talkin’ Ball With Pat Leonard, the podcast host and writer for the New York Daily News, had a conversation with 11-year NFL veteran guard Justin Pugh about his future plans. Pugh, 33, had an exciting individual 2023 but the team had a difficult non-playoff season. Pugh hopes to return to the (hopefully) winning New York Giants.

The 6’5″, 311-pound veteran of the pros returned to the team that selected him with the 19th overall choice in 2013 out of Syracuse University, and he looked like the player he was before he suffered an ACL injury for the 6-11 Giants last season

“I believe that last year, when I demonstrated that I am still capable of playing at a top level, I wasn’t entirely healthy—you know, I took a year off. It takes around 18 months for any player recovering from an ACL tear to be fully back to normal, in my opinion.

Because I was unable to practice for the entire offseason last year, the wait wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been, Pugh stated. “I demonstrate my ability to play now that I’ve had a whole offseason under my belt. You know, there are some offenses that I was unaware of.


I was only given the offense and plays for the first half of the season, and as a player, that makes a difference. One of the problems I had last year was that I couldn’t give up any advantages and I wasn’t even aware of the snap count as well as I would have liked.

“”So I think the Giants have a lot bigger fish to fry before they get to Justin Pugh,” Pugh stated. They are aware of my leadership qualities and the value I offer the locker room. In the end, though, I’m sure we’ll talk once those other cap situations are resolved.

It would be preferable for me to speak with teams in March when they have cap space, as there is less available cap space in August and during the season, which makes it more difficult to negotiate a deal, as I discovered this past year.

Thankfully, this year I saw some pals get hired in the NFL elsewhere. Additionally, my old offensive line coach, Kliff Kingsbury, is currently in Washington. My former head coach, Ben McAdoo, is currently in New England. Obviously, I live in the backyard of the Cardinals, but I adore New York. My desire is to return to New York.”

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