EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles Rams Find Wonderful Matthew Stafford Replacement in This Amazing Signing

Matthew Stafford is an excellent quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, but even the team’s most ardent fans recognize that the 15-year veteran will eventually opt to retire from the NFL.

Pros and cons of Broncos trading for Matt Stafford - Mile High Sports

The Rams have several options for replacing Stafford. They could go with a young quarterback, but the details are still being worked out.

They might potentially go with a younger quarterback whose promise has not yet been realized. Sean McVay has a number of possibilities, but one name stands out as being worth at least a short-term experiment from the Super Bowl LVI champions.

Los Angeles Rams should experiment with Zach Wilson

Jets' Zach Wilson is stepping in for Aaron Rodgers with renewed confidence  and swagger - The San Diego Union-Tribune

According to Brock Vierra of Rams Wire, the Los Angeles Rams should acquire Zach Wilson from the New York Jets without hesitation.
Rams supporters who do not pay close attention to Jets games might say that betting on a young quarterback who has not worked out in three NFL seasons is a waste of money.

However, Vierra believes Zach Wilson may succeed in the NFC West with the Rams. He compares him to a football IQ-lacking Steve Young, meaning that he possesses the physical abilities to become an all-time great quarterback.

His game time last season reveals glimpses of his greatness. He had an astounding 235-yard, two-touchdown performance in the Jets’ surprise victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. He also had a terrific victory over the Houston Texans, passing for 301 yards and two touchdowns.

He also pointed out that Wilson had poor coaches to work with during his stint as the Jets’ first quarterback:

Nathaniel Hackett’s offense was like wearing pants and flip-flops. It is a bad fit. Hackett was attempting to make Wilson come out of the shoot with timing routes and back-shoulder passes, as if Wilson were Aaron Rodgers.

While Wilson’s difficulties have been annoying throughout his NFL career, they are not unfixable. With the caliber of coaching Sean McVay employs, it’s not difficult for his squad to resolve the mechanical or tactical difficulties that prevent Wilson from reaching his full potential.

Finally, McVay and his teammates have nothing to lose. Vierra said it best, actually:

If Wilson fails, he bears full responsibility; if he succeeds, Sean McVay and his crew provide yet another quarterback masterclass.

Wilson fits perfectly within the Los Angeles Rams’ timeline. It is now up to the team to really pull the trigger and give the former BYU standout a shot.


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