OFFICIAL: Brooklyn Nets Have Fired Yet Another Coach and Reveals Reasons For The Decision

The Brooklyn Nets’ decision to change their head coach was the most significant news to emerge from the NBA All-Star break. Brooklyn sacked Jacque Vaughn over the team’s major troubles this season.

Nets fire coach Jacque Vaughn after less than two seasons – NBC New York

Vaughn coached the Nets for portions of three seasons. He was the head coach for ten games in 2020, when COVID-19 halted the league for months. Vaughn was an assistant before taking over as head coach last season, when Steve Nash stepped down after 10 games.

Overall, Vaughn was 71-68 as the Nets’ head coach, with an 0-8 record in the postseason. It may appear to be a reckless choice to fire a head coach after signing them to a contract a year ago, but the Nets believed it was time to make a move.

There have been many reports about why the transfer was undertaken. Players reportedly questioned Vaughn’s suitability for the position. There were also many within the organization who believed that maintaining Vaughn would make it harder for the Nets to sign players in the offseason.

During a recent episode of the HoopsHype Podcast, Michael Scotto invited Nets beat writer Brain Lewis to join him as a guest. One of the main themes was Vaughn’s firing, and Scotto explained why the decision was taken.

“Behind the scenes, there were rumblings about players like Mikal Bridges, Spencer Dinwiddie when he was on the club, and others who weren’t happy with Jacque Vaughn’s game plans centered around Ben Simmons, who has been injured for the duration of his time with Brooklyn.

Kevin Ollie was regarded as a future coach while a player, was a strong candidate for the Pistons coaching position, and now has a chance with the Nets. According to league insiders, two other clubs expressed interest in hiring Ollie as an assistant coach before the Nets did. According to Nets general manager Sean Marks, there is no playoff mandate from owner Joe Tsai for the remainder of the season. Scotto stated, “The Nets do not want to tank and bottom out.”

Building a game plan around someone like Ben Simmons is a certain way to spark a locker room insurrection. Given Simmons’ struggles to stay on the floor, this is a nightmare waiting to happen.

If he is the centerpiece of what you are trying to do, when he is sidelined, things will look messy on the court. That has been the case in Brooklyn, who started the season 13-10 but has gone 8-24 since.

A change needed to be made and with a few days off for Kevin Ollie to install his own concepts during the NBA All-Star Break, Sean Marks felt the time was right. It will be interesting to see how Ollie does, as Scotto noted he could be a head coaching candidate around the league.

If he is the focal point of what you are attempting to accomplish, his absence will make things look disorganized on the court. That has been the situation in Brooklyn, which began the season 13-10 but has gone 8-24 since.

Sean Marks felt the moment was perfect to make a change, especially because Kevin Ollie had a few days free during the NBA All-Star Break to implement his own concepts. It would be intriguing to see how Ollie performs, as Scotto mentioned that he may be a head coaching candidate in the league.


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