SHOCKING: Man drops wild bomb truth on Texas football recruiting him

Johnny Manziel has recently opened up about his personal life with the release of his documentary on Netflix. However, the former quarterback has subsequently gone on to speak up about other elements of his life. One noteworthy subject was the truth bomb he dropped regarding Texas football recruiting him.

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During a guest visit on Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, Johnny Manziel claimed that the Longhorns recruited him to play safety rather than quarterback. Apparently, the Texas football team at the time was unsure how to utilize Manziel’s athleticism.

“I believe that is a major factor why I did not attend the University of Texas. They wouldn’t go after me because of my size in any position,’ Manziel explained. ‘They wanted me to play safe. I care about my safety. “There aren’t many white safeties out there, Shannon.”

It’s bizarre to see Johnny Manziel playing safety. First and foremost, he is too little for that position, and he has also heard that he could play quarterback. Safety personnel are typically taller than six feet and weigh more than 200 pounds. Manziel was under six feet and weighed approximately 175 pounds when Texas football recruited him. However, at the time, football was unfamiliar with uber-athletic quarterbacks.

His athleticism, however, is what made him a standout at Texas A&M, and fortunately, the Aggies gave him the opportunity to play quarterback. During his college career, Manziel established himself as one of the most well-known figures in sports and pop culture.

As a redshirt freshman, he made several incredible highlights and earned the Heisman Trophy. After only two years with the Aggies, Johnny Manziel has 7,820 passing yards, 63 passing touchdowns, 22 interceptions, 2,169 rushing yards, and 30 rushing touchdowns. His 68.9 completion percentage ranked him among the nation’s most accurate quarterbacks.

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