Royce O’Neale sends mind-blowing message to Suns fans after recent trade and form

Even if they were not prepared to blow everything up at the NBA trade deadline, the Brooklyn Nets made a few important acquisitions that would undoubtedly have an impact on numerous teams and the rest of season. Royce O’Neale was one of them, and on Thursday he was traded to the Phoenix Suns.

Royce O'Neale fitting in seamlessly with Suns - Burn City Sports

Despite only being with the team for about a year and a half, the experienced 3-and-D wing formed a strong bond with the Brooklyn fans. His output has diminished this season, but his efforts have always been appreciated. In his ceremonial departure address, O’Neale repays the favor by professing his love for the city.

“I appreciate Brooklyn giving me this opportunity and loving the child.”A unique spot on the path to eternity,” he wrote on Friday.

Before joining the Nets in June 2022, O’Neale spent the first five years of his career with the Utah Jazz. After Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were dealt by the front office last season, he quickly adjusted and joined the team. Given that his contract was about to expire, the 20-31 team had little reason to keep the 30-year-old.

In a move to position itself for future success, Brooklyn received three second-round picks in the deal, adding to their already substantial asset pool. After signing with the Suns, Royce O’Neale’s financial status has improved significantly. Phoenix acquires another consistent floor spacer with his career 38.1 3-point shooting percentage, which should make him an essential bench addition in the future.

Hopefully, O’Neale can find acceptance in the desert, as he was welcomed by the Brooklyn Nets during his brief but wonderful time there.


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