TRENDING: Chiefs Star Wanted By More Than 50 Brands Bidding For Endorsements, Projected New Podcast Deal Is Insane After Meteoric Rise

Travis Kelce has been a household name among NFL fans for a very long time.

Taylor Swift Supported Travis Kelce at Chiefs Games Before Fans Knew: Coach

Anyone who has followed the NFL for the last 5-7 years has seen that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end is one of the most dynamic athletes to play the position and a significant reason for the team’s current dynasty, with three Super Bowl rings to his name.

Kelce has been the go-to receiver for Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes for several years — and although it used to be simply in the red zone or for a vital first down, Tyreek Hill would open things up deep and compel defenders to try to limit Kelce as well. But since the Chiefs traded Hill to the Miami Dolphins, Kelce has had an enhanced role and flourished.

While many say Travis Kelce has lost a step — which could be accurate given his body’s continued decline — the Chiefs star has previously stated that he will be a back in 2024.

Is this the only question at this point? Will Taylor Swift be in the stands every game, like she was when Kelce and the global pop icon declared their official relationship at the start of the 2023 NFL season?

It’s not easy dating one of the world’s biggest superstars, and while Kelce was well-known in NFL circles, it’s easy to overlook how many people don’t know him at all and only know him as “Taylor Swift’s” boyfriend.

However, with enhanced security and safety concerns, as well as the rigorous regulations Swift reportedly required of Kelly if they were to work out, he has sat back and done everything flawlessly.

What was the result? Almost every major brand in America and beyond wants a chance to ride the Kelce and Swif train.

Travis Kelce: Wanted By More Than 50 Major Brands And Podcast Set For Huge Payday Since Dating Taylor Swift

Kelce has been the most sought-after media influencer since he and Swift went public, and this trend does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. According to Life & Style, the couple is even planning a wedding, with Kelce reportedly preparing to propose in the near future.

His New Heights podcast is now competing with Joe Rogan’s for the most popular in the world, and advertisers throughout the world are taking notice.

According to Bloomberg, the Kelce brothers are set to sign an eight-figure agreement with a streaming service or media company.

Meanwhile, Travis and Jason Kelce, two of the most well-known sports podcasters, are discussing a prospective deal for New Heights. The event was always popular with football fans, but it received an additional boost last year when Travis revealed his romantic relationship with Taylor Swift. Industry executives anticipate the transaction might be worth eight figures.

Travis Kelce is in the third year of a $57 million contract that will expire at the end of the upcoming NFL season, but as long as Taylor Swift is involved, he will be able to make plenty of money.

According to a source, more than 50 brands are interested in signing the 34-year-old.

He’s already signed collaborations with Nike, Amazon, Pfizer, and L’Homme Helzberg Diamonds.

However, some big guns have already approached the NFL player in the hopes of signing him.

Calvin Klein wants him to be a brand ambassador for three years, with plans to employ him in modeling contexts in the United States and for foreign campaigns.

Samsonite, a luggage brand, has boosted its offer to $800,000 per year after he won his second Super Bowl ring, while Gillette and Kiehl’s have both made multimillion-dollar offers.

Toyota has selected the rebellious tight end as a “new idol of sports and entertainment because of his relationship with Taylor Swift” and plans to offer him a four-year contract worth $1.5 million per year, plus a $1.2 million signing bonus.

Travis Kelce’s agents are “considering movie roles, developing unscripted shows for the star, exploring comedy opportunities, and pursuing product endorsements,” according to The Wrap. Filmmakers also flew to Kansas City during the Chiefs’ season to meet with Kelce about creating a reality show in which he wants to feature, according to The Wrap.

Kelce has been open about his passion in the entertainment world. He hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2023 and starred in his own reality dating show, “Catching Kelce,” in 2016. His co-managers also told The New York Times in a January report that they believe he can compete with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the most popular athlete-turned-actor in recent memory.

Of course, Kelce’s celebrity skyrocketed this year for reasons unrelated to his on-field performance, including his ambitions to become an off-field entertainment. He established a relationship with renowned singer and 14-time Grammy Award-winner Taylor Swift, which generated as much, if not more, headlines than his performance on the field on way to his third super Bowl title.

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