Celtics Star Criticizes And Termed Warriors’ Game Plan Disrespectful

Jaylen Brown, a Boston Celtics player, is not used to having much offensive space because he is one of the NBA’s top scorers.

Celtics' Jaylen Brown upgraded on injury report after absence - masslive.com

However, Brown had plenty of room in Boston’s 140-88 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday at TD Garden.

The Warriors backed off Brown in the first quarter as part of a perplexing defensive approach in which they challenged the three-time All-Star to beat them from the outside. Brown had no problem doing so, scoring 19 of his game-high 29 points in the first quarter and making 5-of-9 3-pointers.

“I get to the paint, and I usually open it up for everyone else,” Brown told reporters, as reported by Souichi Terada of MassLive. “But if you want to challenge me to shoot, we can do that as well. I thought that was slightly disrespectful. But we took advantage of it and hit them back.”

Brown entered the contest with a 34.8% downtown shooting percentage for the season. While Golden State’s defensive strategy offended him, Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla was grateful since it allowed Boston’s offense to burst for 82 points in the first half, a team record.

“We were really grateful for that,” Mazzulla told reporters, according to Terada. “Teams will guard us in various ways, and we must remain open-minded to what gives us the best chance of winning. There is a game plan, but once the game begins, the game will tell us what to do. I just kept repeating thank you and empowering Jaylen, and credit to his teammates for encouraging him to keep playing.”

The Celtics’ confidence in Brown, who accounted for roughly half of Boston’s shot attempts in the first quarter, enabled them establish a significant gap between themselves and the Warriors before the quarter ended. Brown broke a 21-all tie and ignited a 23-1 surge to conclude the fourth by making three consecutive three-pointers. Boston’s lead increased from there, reaching 56 points.

Brown undoubtedly had the last laugh, and he was rewarded by watching the final 19:16 of the game from the bench, with Mazzulla pulling Boston’s starters early in the third quarter — Steve Kerr sat his starters even earlier, as Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green did not even take the court for the second half.

“It’s not personal,” Brown explained. “It was slightly rude to me. But it is what it is. I came out and did what I do best. My teammates instilled confidence in me. They said, ‘We don’t care if you fire every shot down.’ On our team, it’s about making the proper plays and getting everyone involved. I feel like I’ve been doing that all season, and I plan to keep doing it. But don’t get it wrong.”

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