NFL INSIDER: Chiefs Have Reportedly Shown a Lot of Interest in Texas Longhorns 6-Foot-4 Receiving Threat

On March 2, the Kansas City Chiefs were linked to another Texas Longhorns playmaker, this time at tight end rather than wide receiver.

Texas TE Ja'Tavion Sanders Says A Title Would Be 'Legendary' - Sports  Illustrated Texas Longhorns News, Analysis and More

During an article by Sportskeeda, veteran NFL expert Tony Pauline stated the following about rising TE Ja’Tavion Sanders: “So who could select Sanders as the first round closes? I’m told three teams are very interested in him, including the Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, and Kansas City Chiefs.”

“Sanders timed the 40 just under 4.7 seconds during Combine testing Friday, though he plays much faster,” according to the reporter, who described him as a “terrific prospect who could slide into the late part of Round 1.”

Pauline mentioned that a Sanders selection by KC would be “insurance” for Travis Kelce, who some anticipate will retire within the next year or two. Along with 2021 fifth-round pick Noah Gray, the Longhorn is another potential successor.

According to Pauline, the Niners are in a similar scenario with George Kittle, while the Dolphins have been missing a playmaker at tight end during the term of current head coach Mike McDaniel.

Ja’Tavion Sanders Described as ‘Dynamic’ & ‘Versatile’ Receiving Threat, Compared to Ravens’ Isaiah Likely

The Draft Network’s Keith Sanchez described Sanders as a “versatile receiving threat at the tight end position with the ability to make big plays in the vertical passing game.” Later, he stated that the Texas prospect is a “dynamic” pass-catcher and “plus-level athlete.”

Sanchez also praised Sanders’ ability to receive the ball “in traffic,” his “smooth” route-running, and his “tackle-breaking ability.”

Derrik Klassen of Bleacher Report appeared to agree for the most part, stating that the 6-foot-4 Sanders has rapid quickness and “excellent ball skills and concentration.”

Sanders’ early limitations in his game included run blocking and traditional in-line abilities, which both scouts were concerned about. In his write-up, the Bleacher Report expert also mentioned a few more downsides.

“Sanders projects as a high-end role player or niche starter in the NFL,” Klassen said. “His lack of size, power, and blocking abilities make it tough to see him securing a full-time starting role right now. However, there will be a need for someone with Sanders’ speed and ball skills. He’d be most suited to a role like Evan Engram or Isaiah Likely.”

Likely, a young Baltimore Ravens player, has been designated as his official professional comparison.

How Many More Years Should the Chiefs Expect out of Travis Kelce?

Sanders isn’t nearly Kelce, so who is? When all is said and done, the Chiefs standout should be remembered as the greatest NFL tight end of all time, a title that some are already preparing to bestow upon him.

Although Kelce appeared no closer to retirement before the 2024 Super Bowl, rumors persist year after year. When might the famous tight end finally call it quits, though?

Elce is up for a new contract at the end of the 2025 season, which would give him another two seasons in the league. Of fact, a more realistic timeframe may be based on yardage rather than formal agreements.

Kelce is presently less than 4,000 receiving yards behind Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez for the all-time tight end record. At his current pace from the last three seasons (an average of 1,149 receiving yards per season), Kelce would need four more years before retiring.

That is a full rookie deal for a newly drafted player.

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