Pistons Star admits reshaping his mindset amid Pistons Buyouts And 2023-24 struggles

The Detroit Pistons and their fans are not focused on the standings. It makes little sense for a team to focus on its record when it only has a single-digit win total in March. Everyone in Detroit understands that this year has been a disaster. As a result, one must shift their perspective and focus on the big picture. That is exactly what Cade Cunningham is doing to get through these difficult times.

Pistons pull away to get season's first win in Cade Cunningham's debut |  NBA.com

The 22-year-old guard responded thoughtfully after Detroit’s 118-110 away loss to the Miami Heat, which left them trailing the reigning Eastern Conference champions by one point with less than three minutes remaining.

“This year reshaped my thinking about it,” Cunningham said when asked if he can still be proud of a hard-fought effort despite the loss, according to Omari Sankofa II of the Detroit Free Press. “I’m currently working on perfecting my art. I believe that’s where we’re all at; we’re trying to improve every day because we know it will get us the results we want.

Cade Cunningham continues to give Pistons fans a reason to have hope

When a franchise ties the record for the most straight losses and is almost certain to lose more than 60 games in a season, it must allow for moral wins. In this scenario, the Pistons’ silver lining is the significant progress of Cade Cunningham and a few other players.

Although it seems weird to label someone a “star” when their club is 9-52, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft is emerging as the face of the organization that this fan base sorely needs. He is averaging 22.2 points and 7.4 assists per game, and his field goal percentage has increased dramatically to 45.3.

He struggled from the floor against the Heat (8-of-20 shooting), and there is clearly more work to be done, but Detroit should be pleased with Cunningham’s progress. Furthermore, he recognizes that the road ahead will be riddled with potholes and speed bumps. That type of thinking is critical in this context, as more challenges are likely to arise.

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