TRENDING: Duke star in tripping controversy with Harrison Ingram as Duke fans throw trash at UNC players

Duke standout Kyle Filipowski, his right leg, the intent to damage, and a wild college basketball crowd have all made headlines again.

Duke's Kyle Filipowski appears to stick leg out, trip UNC player: 'Shades  of Grayson Allen' | Fox News

After Filipowski and North Carolina’s Harrison Ingram both tumbled to the ground during Saturday’s Tobacco Road rivalry game, Filipowski was the slower to get up and appeared to swing his leg and trip Ingram on purpose to prevent a fastbreak.

There was no foul called, and Filipowski shortly began to limp and left the game.

Filipowski’s act was quickly labeled as dirty on social media, with some comparing him to former Duke standout and Suns starting guard Grayson Allen, who has a long history of tripping opponents.

However, the play was only the beginning of the ugliness.

After squeaking out an 84-79 road win, North Carolina players appeared to be insulting the Duke home crowd, to which the so-called “Cameron Crazies” replied by hurling trash onto the court.

“I was hit with water and ice,” Ingram told reporters after recording a double-double. “I was smacked with a gumball. I asked, “Who has a gumball?” You know, it was all love. It was illuminated. We were talking nuts. “It was fun.”

Filipowski returned to the game after a first-half scuffle with Ingram and scored 22 points over 31 minutes.

Only two weeks earlier, Filipowski damaged his right knee when Wake Forest fans stormed the court after defeating Duke, and he said after the game that he believed the injury was intentional.

So, knowing anything about intent, what was he thinking when he killed Ingram?

“I’m not really sure how that whole situation happened,” Filipowski admitted. “I was actually just getting up. My foot slid. I’m not sure how I captured him. That’s really all I have. I do not see him approaching from anyplace. I had no idea he was back with me. I felt I was the only one remaining.”

Ingram pleaded with referees for a tripping foul.

“I feel like he tripped me,” Ingram stated following the game. “But I am not sure. I haven’t watched the film yet.

He probably won’t change his views after a film review.

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