BREAKING NEWS: Seahawks Are Reportedly Expected To Land 25-Year-Old Record-Breaking QB

The Seattle Seahawks might be an ideal landing spot for the best available quarterback still on the market.

Where will Justin Fields go? Latest news, rumors on Bears QB's landing  spots as trade options dwindle | Sporting News

ESPN’s Louis Riddick has pushed the Seahawks to make a play for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. Fields is still available, but the 25-year-old quarterback has struggled to find work.

“Go get Justin Fields, #Seahawks… “I’ve been saying it all day,” writes Riddick. “You have one quarterback on the roster. “Let him compete.

Why Seahawks Could Make a Move for Justin Fields

The prospect of the Seahawks contemplating a deal for Fields is not absurd. They have one of the greatest financial situations of any team in the NFL, with approximately $46 million in available salary cap space, the sixth most in the league.

Furthermore, while Seattle intends to retain Geno Smith for another season, they must commit to him as the starting quarterback under new head coach Mike Macdonald. To top it all off, former backup quarterback Drew Lock has inked a contract with the New York Giants.

The Seahawks are one of three clubs that have not signed an outside free agent since the start of free agency, the other two being the Dallas Cowboys and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That means they could easily cover Fields’ cap charge, which is only $6 million for the coming season.

Riddick isn’t the only analyst to point out that the Seahawks are one of the only clubs that still make sense for Fields in a shrinking market. Most of the teams seeking for a quarterback, like the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons, have already filled the position for the 2024 season.

That should mean the Bears are more desperate to trade the dual-threat quarterback with it appearing more likely that Chicago targets Caleb Williams with the top pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

Seahawks Yet to Have Shown ‘Serious Interest’ in Justin Fields

Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team considers the Seahawks as a potential destination, but says they haven’t expressed “serious interest.”

“Many people believed [the Bears] might obtain a second-round selection for [Fields]. But here we are, after a day of free agency and so many changes, [and] it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict where Justin Fields will end up,” Meirov remarked. “The [Denver] Broncos don’t appear to be particularly interested. Maybe if the price drops. We’ll see about it. The Seattle Seahawks are the one team that people have believed may make sense, but it doesn’t appear like they’ve shown significant interest.”

With a new regime in place and several important veterans off the roster, the Seahawks are likely looking for a new franchise quarterback. While some mock drafts suggest Seattle will take a quarterback in the first round, they may consider trading a third or fourth-round pick for Fields.

“Could Chicago maybe get a little bit creative?” Meirov explained. “They wanted a second-round pick. Maybe they’ll have to settle for a fourth-round pick, but with certain conditions — like it becomes a third if he plays a certain number of snaps, or a second if [the team] makes the playoffs.”

While Fields definitely needs to improve as a passer (his 61.4% completion rate ranked 29th among all quarterbacks last season), his ability to run the ball and his potential make him an enticing option for teams looking for a quarterback. His 178 rushing yards in a single game set an NFL record, and he’s one of just three quarterbacks to reach 1,000 yards in a single season.

If the Seahawks believe Fields is a better choice than one of the second-tier quarterbacks in the draft, they could trade a Day 3 pick for the athletic quarterback.


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