ESPN Report :Lakers Acquire A Contract With An Experienced Man

Let see how he works with the new contract he acquired………….

The Lakers shocked everyone on Tuesday by declaring that they and Logan Paul had reached an agreement. Luckily, or unfortunately, depending on how excellent of a 3-point shooter he is, it’s not a 10-day contract, but rather an agreement between Pa

There are several things to analyze in this case, but none more crucial than the fact that KSI is obviously photoshopped into these images.


For starters, he strikes the same position in both images, and even a quick glance reveals that he was not in the team’s location when these shots were taken.

For those deep in the woods who closely followed D’Angelo Russell’s press conferences, especially during the previous season’s playoffs, this is also amusing. Lakers sign Logan Paul, KSI's brand PRIME as official sports drink - Silver  Screen and Roll

On Tuesday, D’Lo tweeted about a partnership between Coco 5 and PRIME, then later erased it.

For those who don’t know, Paul and KSI, two of the biggest stars on YouTube, were the ones who first introduced PRIME, a drink, in 2022. Thanks to their widespread appeal, they have rapidly risen to the top of the global brand rankings. They have partnerships with a number of athletes, including Patrick Mahomes, Israel Adesanya, and Erling Haaland, as well as entire leagues and companies like UFC and WWE.

It’s appropriate to note that Paul has a long history of controversy, which is detailed in several different areas of his Wikipedia page. To his credit, the majority of them occurred years ago, and he has, for the most part, avoided trouble, at least as of late. But that is a long list of qualifications.

The one obvious question, in my opinion, is why PRIME rather than, say, Body Armor, which so many people identify with Kobe Bryant. Money is definitely the answer to this, as it is to almost everything in life. In the end, I doubt it makes much of a difference because I couldn’t even tell you the name of the Lakers’ former official sports drink brand, let alone whether it ever existed.


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