Man Laughed At ‘Idiots’ On ESPN ‘Talking About The Lakers And Warriors Like They Got A Chance’

As we reach the last month of the NBA regular season, there is little intrigue over who will win the Eastern Conference, as the Boston Celtics have carved up a significant lead over the rest of the field.

Charles Barkley receives coronavirus test results -

However, in the West, it appears that the competition for the No. 1 seed will go all the way to the end, with clashes throughout the rankings for playoff and Play-In positions. With the Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and Oklahoma City Thunder all playing on TNT on Thursday night, the Inside the NBA crew examined the rankings and who they believed would win, as the Thunder compete with the Nuggets and Timberwolves for the top spot.

Charles Barkley began his remarks on the topic by taking jabs at TNT’s “sister network” ESPN, calling out the “idiots” over there who keep talking about the Lakers and Warriors “like they got a chance” when they are ranked ninth and tenth, respectively.

That prompted Shaq to point out that they theoretically have a shot because of the Play-In, which Barkley described as “not real” and compared to the CBI in college basketball. He claimed they should be grateful to Adam Silver for making it up “so the Lakers and Warriors can get in.” It’s a fantastic Chuck rant since it’s both humorous and reasonably accurate.

The Lakers and Warriors dominate the four-letter programs, which is understandable given that they are two of the league’s most popular franchises, but it may be aggravating for fans of other teams. Barkley often enjoys taking jabs at rival networks, and in this case, he got to do that and get in a lengthy Play-In rant due to Shaq.

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