Good News: Just IN New York Jets Confirm The Signing OF Another Top Sensational Super Star Player

On Friday, the New York Jets signed future Hall of Fame left tackle Tyron Smith to a one-year deal, adding a huge piece to their offensive line. The Jets never imagined that this agreement would be finalized.

As Connor Hughes of SNY puts it, “The Jets never thought Tyron Smith was possible.” Smith’s market, in the Jets’ opinion, would be “well above what they were willing to pay” and beyond their means.

But as the days passed and Smith remained unsigned, the Jets intensified their efforts to sign the five-time All-Pro left tackle in the hopes of getting him for a far lower price than they had anticipated.

At the time of writing, the contract’s exact terms were unknown, but according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Smith will receive $13.5 million in incentives in addition to the $6.5 million in guarantees.

Yes, this implies that Smith, one of the NFL’s top left tackles, is getting paid by the Jets with a lower guaranteed salary than Javon Kinlaw. The Jets are as taken aback as the rest of us.

Tyron Smith was not a surprise signing for the NY Jets.
The Jets were “surprised” that Smith accepted the contract, Florio continued. According to Florio, they even thought that their talks with Smith were “part of a leverage play” to get the All-Pro left tackle a bigger deal.

Rather, to the complete amazement of the Jets front staff, he simply accepted the offer. Just 48 hours before, the Jets signed a free agent they thought they had no chance of signing.

Smith said to Josina Anderson of CBS Sports that negotiations with the Jets heated up on Friday and that the deal seemed to happen out of the blue. By all accounts, this was a last-minute arrangement. Earlier in the week, Smith’s market was unrelated to the Jets.

Although the precise terms of Smith’s contract are yet unknown, general manager Joe Douglas has done an amazing job revitalizing his team’s offensive line at an absurdly low cost.

Smith’s contract only guarantees him $6.5 million. With his contract, John Simpson is only making $6 million AAV. In 2023, Morgan Moses’ cap hit is a pitiful $5.5 million. That is $18 million in all that the three of them have.

That’s incredible value, especially in light of the fact that above-average offensive guard Robert Hunt, a former Miami Dolphin, got a stunning $20 million AAV this week.

The aggregate salary of the Jets’ three new starting offensive linemen—a left tackle who is an All-Pro and a reliable starting right tackle—is less than what an above-average guard would command on the open market.

It makes sense why Smith’s deal acceptance startled the Jets. This offseason, the offensive line market has taken off, but it appears that many teams were put off by Smith’s history of injuries. The fact that there are so many talented offensive tackles in this year’s draft class doesn’t help his cause either.

Still, the Jets won’t be whining. For a fraction of the cost they anticipated, they were able to sign one of the top left tackles in the NFL. Joe Douglas makes another attack.


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