Latest News: Just IN Cincinnati Bengals Are IN Talk To Sign Another Top Experienced Star

The Cincinnati Bengals’ offensive line cost them the Super Bowl in 2021, and since then, they have struggled to assemble a strong lineup. Under offensive line coach Frank Pollack’s guidance, the offensive line has not improved despite the front office’s financial infusion into the offensive trenches. It gets harder this offseason because the team doesn’t have a good right tackle to replace Jonah Williams, who left in free agency to join the Arizona Cardinals.

Cincinnati Bengals Showcase Former First-Round Tackle with Everything

Mekhi Becton, a former offensive tackle for the New York Jets, visited the Cincinnati Bengals’ facilities on Thursday. At 6’7″ and 363 pounds, Becton is a superb offensive tackle with exceptional physical attributes. He also possesses incredible quickness. That helped propel him up the draft boards in 2020 when New York chose him with the 11th overall pick in the NFL Draft to furnish the standard left tackle for their offensive line.
Regrettably, during his four-year tenure in New York, Becton has missed more games due to serious injury problems than he has participated in. The Louisville product has a ton of potential that his former coach Pollack may bring out of him, despite his injury concerns. When Becton was drafted in 2020, Pollack was New York’s offensive line coach, and he was able to get the most out of his form in that season.

After being brought in for a visit on Thursday, Becton was spotted by fans at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse that evening together with Pollack, Teair Tart, another free agent, and outstanding quarterback Joe Burrow. One admirer mentioned that Burrow went up to the bar, ordered a shot of milk, and then left the bartender a hundred-dollar tip in order to highlight the absurd care that Burrow takes of his body and the community’s affection for him. That might sound strange, but as your franchise quarterback is healing from a season-ending injury, that’s precisely what you want to know.
Since right tackle is unquestionably the position with the greatest need for Cincinnati, Becton is without a doubt the top free agent on the team’s radar. Though most people agree that Becton and Tart had a successful visit, neither player signed a contract with the team before leaving Cincinnati. Becton wrote on his X account (previously known as Twitter) to highlight his overall positive feelings upon leaving Cincinnati: “After spending four years in New York, Cincinnati would be the ultimate change of pace and also has a similar vibe to the city of Louisville where he played his collegiate ball just 100 miles down the Ohio River on I-71.” The breakout player of this offseason would be Becton, who would give the Cincinnati offensive line a youthful, talented offensive tackle position that hasn’t been there in almost ten years.



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