“I Will Leave For Him To Play” Just IN New York Jets Confirm Fans Favorite Star Want To Leave……….”

It is evident that the New York Giants placed bolstering their pass-rushing unit at the top of their priority list this off-season, as they were willing to part with some draft picks in order to sign former Carolina edge rusher Brian Burns, and to offer him a $141 million, five-year contract that includes $87.5 million guaranteed. The Giants had interest in Jets pass rusher Bryce Huff, who signed with the Eagles, prior to obtaining Burn in a trade that featured the Giants’ original second-round pick (No. 39), the exchange of this year’s fifth-round picks, and a 2025 fifth-round selection. During his initial press conference with the Eagles media, Huff affirmed the interest of the Giants and mentioned that the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Commanders were also keen in signing him. According to reports, Huff and the Eagles have a three-year contract for up to $51.1 million, with $34.4 million guaranteed. Compared to the agreement the Giants granted Burns (the first free agent to sign a five-year contract during the Joe Schoen era), who was acquired through trade, this one is far shorter and less generous. Huff, a 202 undrafted player out of Memphis, was given the highest-paid contract of any non-quarterback draftee in NFL history. Huff’s 22.9 percent overall pass-rush win percentage last season was far higher than Burns’s 14.0 percent, according to Pro Football Focus. However, Burns has played in more seasons than Huff and has a career sack total of 46 compared to Huff’s 17.5 (ten of which came in 2023).


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