Breaking News: Just IN Boston Celtics Agree $120 Million To Sign NBA Top Sensational Star

With the exception of the veteran’s minimum, the Boston Celtics will not have anything to offer free agents when the NBA Offseason of 2024 begins. Nevertheless, the veteran’s minimum might be the most they can get because some players have passed their peak.

This may apply to Gordon Hayward, making the Celtics a potential free agent target. Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report outlined his reasoning for thinking that Hayward is a “optimistic” aim for the Celtics.

In an article published on March 19, Bailey stated, “In the NBA, it can happen quickly to go from being a high-value player to one on a minimum contract, and Gordon Hayward may have reached that point this season.” “He is averaging just 4.3 points since being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder and will turn 34 this month.”

Bailey also mentioned Joe Ingles as a potential Celtics target, and he said Hayward might fill a similar role to him.

“Being younger and possessing more volume scoring experience, he could fit a role akin to the one outlined for Ingles above for Boston.”

Hayward signed a max contract with the Celtics back in 2017. Sadly, five minutes into his team’s debut, he sustained a leg injury that would change the course of his career. He is in the final year of a four-year, $120 million deal that he signed with the Thunder in 2020, and he is no longer a forward.

Reasons Former Celtics Team Failed, According to Gordon Hayward
Hayward was a member of the 2018–19 team, one of the most notorious Celtics teams in history. The Celtics had high expectations going into the NBA Finals, but they were severely disappointed after only one victory separated them from the championship without him or Kyrie Irving.

Hayward clarified what went wrong with that team while appearing as a guest on “Podcast P with Paul George.”


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