Breaking News: Detroit Pistons have made shocking announcement concerning two of their star players

Thompson being treated for blood clot issue while Stewart is out with a hamstring strain.

Detroit Pistons sacrifice offense to prioritize 'core five' by starting Isaiah  Stewart

The Detroit Pistons’ theme for the conclusion of the season has been “run through the tape,” but serious injuries suggest they may crawl to the finish line. The newest misfortunes include season-ending medical difficulties for two starters: freshman Ausar Thompson and big man Isaiah Stewart.

Thompson will be out for the rest of the season while undergoing treatment for a blood clot, the team confirmed. The idea is for him to continue fitness work and start non-contact basketball exercises at the end of the season, then build up to a full return the following season. Stewart’s injury is less serious, but he will be out for the rest of the season due to a right hamstring strain sustained in the game against the Boston Celtics.

Thompson’s absence had been rather mysterious. He has missed the previous five games, first due to asthma concerns, which were later referred to as a medical issue absence. This is guesswork, so please pardon me, but people are so eager to blame the Pistons for wrongdoing that I believe I will try my best to predict the progression here.

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It seems that, PERHAPS, Thompson had an issue with fitness or stamina that was first attributed to an issue with asthma. That makes sense. Asthma sufferers are struggling with a seasonal change. When the conditioning issue did not improve, the Pistons may have looked into it further and discovered a blood clot. It’s serious stuff, but it’s treatable when identified, so I’m delighted it was discovered and is being addressed.

The Stewart injury is more straightforward, and it is a setback for a player whose future position in Detroit is uncertain, despite the team’s long-term commitment to him prior to the season. The opening power forward experiment was not a great success. Most people expect Detroit to spend a lot of money on a forward this offseason, so Stewart may keep his starting place with a perimeter-oriented small forward addition. Alternatively, he loses his job to a more natural power forward addition, becoming the first big off the bench. Or perhaps he was traded. Aside from Cade Cunningham, everything is on the table in Detroit.

Thompson’s debut season concludes after 63 games in which he excelled as a multi-positional defender but struggled with significant gaps in his offensive game. He averaged 8.8 points, 6.4 rebounds, 1.9 assists, and 1.3 turnovers. He shot 57.5% on twos and only 18.6% on threes.

Stewart averaged 10.9 points and 6.6 rebounds. He shot 38.3% on 3.8 3-point attempts per game and is likely Detroit’s most dependable defensive player. Their absences offer up extra playing time for Simone Fontecchio and Stanley Umude.

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