Breaking News: Kansas City man charged after stealing from Miami Dolphins

Missouri man charged in theft of over $45,000 in Miami Dolphins equipment.

Kansas City Chiefs defeat Miami Dolphins in conditions so cold that head  coach Andy Reid's mustache freezes | CNN


On Wednesday, a Kansas City, Missouri man was charged with shoplifting after allegedly stealing $45,000 in equipment from the Miami Dolphins. According to court and police documents, the Dolphins stated that a man took media and player equipment when he broke into a box truck on January 14. The theft was reported the day after the Dolphins fell to the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL playoffs’ Wild Card round.

Jackson County, Missouri, prosecutors charged Joseph Brown, Sr. with a Class C felony. The charges were reported by FOX 4 in Kansas City. Items reported stolen included cold weather gear, game film, and media equipment. Cases including pads, gloves, and shoes were also included. According to FOX 4, the total worth was $46,376.

FOX 4 added surveillance video, which enabled them to identify the Ford F-150 pickup used in the crime. According to court documents acquired by FOX 4, Brown has been under police surveillance since October for possible involvement in a number of other car and trailer thefts in the Kansas City area. Brown was convicted of theft in 2021.


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