Latest Update: Just IN Toronto Blue Jays Announced The Signing OF Top NFL Sensational Star

Mike Mayers has been signed by the Blue Jays to a minor league contract. The invitation to major league Spring Training has also been extended to the right-hander.

Mayers, 32, has just finished a challenging two seasons. Although he was added to the Royals major league roster last year to fill a swing job after signing a minor league contract, he only managed to record an earned run average of 6.15 in 26 1/3 innings across six outings. His 14.3% strikeout percentage was far below average, while his 8.4% walk rate was acceptable. He was moved to the White Sox after being declared off the roster in June. He had a dismal season for both clubs’ Triple-A affiliates, recording a combined 6.12 ERA there.

The previous season, he pitched 50 2/3 innings with a 5.68 ERA while with the Angels. While he had a greater strikeout percentage that season (20.2%), he allowed 20.8% of his fly balls to cross the boundary, which is over twice as high as his 2023 average of 12.1%.

It goes without saying that the Jays will be hoping for Mayers to revert to his 2020–21 form. He appeared in 101 games and batted 105 innings for the Halos in those two seasons. In that time, he recorded a 3.34 ERA, walking only 8% of opponents while striking out 30.5% of them. During that time, he earned four saves and 22 holds for the Angels, moving up the bullpen chart.

His results declined as his velocity decreased, according to Statcast statistics. In 2020 and 2021, his fastball velocity was over 94 mph; however, in 2022, it fell to 93.5 mph, and in the previous year, it was 92.9 mph. Over the previous two seasons, he also lost a tick or two on his cutter, slider, and changeup. His curveball, on the other hand, increased somewhat in 2022 before declining in 2023.

According to Keegan Matheson of, Mayers has been working with Driveline Baseball lately as they tweeted out some video of him throwing. The Jays brought him into camp, presumably because they were impressed with his recent performance.

That might have been inspired, at least in part, by certain recent events involving players on their roster. Jordan Romano and Erik Swanson, both righties, are struggling with arm problems, according to Matheson. The former has inflammation in his right elbow, while the latter has tightness in his forearm. The MRIs on each player revealed no structural problems, although the team might be cautious with them in the interim.

The team will have to rely on its depth if one or both of those players miss time. Now, Mayers will enter the fray and attempt to establish himself as a member of the team. He has less than five years of service left, so if he does this, he is out of alternatives. This implies that should he secure a roster position and things go really well this season, the Jays may be able to keep him through arbitration until 2025.

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