Breaking News: Just IN New York Jets Are Closing In On Signing The NFL Record Breaking

It’s possible that the New York Jets are not done assembling their offensive line.

According to BetMaryland, Gang Green is one among the favorites to sign free agency running back JK Dobbins.

Cowboys of Dallas (+550)
Jets of New York (+650)
Chargers of Los Angeles (+1000)
Raiders of Las Vegas (+1050)
Giants of New York (+1100)
In the 2020 NFL draft, Dobbins was selected with the 55th overall pick in the second round. Only two times Heisman winner Archie Griffin has rushed for more yards (4,459) than he has in Ohio State football history.

Dobbins Will Arrive at an Unbelievably Low Free Agent Discount
It is anticipated that Dobbins, 25, will agree to a $2 million one-year contract, with $1.25 million guaranteed, according to Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus.

A player with four years or more of service time is eligible for the veteran minimum, which is $1.08 million. Therefore, it is anticipated that Dobbins will earn a little more than that on the open market.

Dobbins’ concerning injury history is the reason he is expected to sign for such a low price. Early in the 2023 season, in Week 1, Dobbins tore out his Achilles. Dobbins tore his ACL during the preseason in 2021. In addition, he has missed time from COVID-19 and other illnesses throughout his career.

Over his first four seasons of play, Dobbins has only made appearances in 24 of 67 games that he could have played in.

Despite this, Dobbins has demonstrated moments of brilliance on the field, making him one of the greatest players in OSU football history.

Throughout his career, Dobbins has attempted 234 rushes for an average of 5.8 yards per clip.

Dobbins is a player who merits further consideration.
Despite the former Ohio State star’s history of ailments, the Jets would be safeguarding themselves with the deal arrangement.

The green and white can easily sever bonds without causing any harm or foul play if the injury problems continue. On the other hand, the Jets may profit from a low-risk agreement with a potentially very high payout if he regains his pre-injury form.

The team’s decision to sign veteran running back Dalvin Cook last season for $7 million on a one-year contract has been the subject of many jokes. The idea was excellent, even though the outcome was a huge failure.

After suffering a severe knee injury, it was doubtful if and when Breece Hall would be able to regain his previous level of performance. Thus, New York requested insurance in case his recuperation was prolonged.

Nonetheless, Hall’s astounding recuperation from the wound stunned everyone and demonstrated his extraterrestrial status. The former Iowa State recruit shown that he was prepared to assume the job of RB1 by participating in all 17 games of the previous campaign.

To shoulder the weight in the modern day, you need numerous running backs. It is best to distribute the wear and tear among multiple players. That should keep everyone healthy and increase each player’s shelf life.

A little over a year after undergoing ACL surgery, Hall wore the rock 37 times in the 2023 regular season finale. That is not how the Jets should run Hall into the ground. He won’t be around for very long if they do.

On this team, having a trustworthy RB2 is crucial. Cook was overpaid by New York, but their plan to locate a Robin to his Batman was a good one. A guy such as Dobbins might join the Jets on a modest contract and take on the necessary role.

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