Breaking: Detroit Red Wings set to release veteran forward and embrace young prestige

The Detroit Red Wings need to be smart this off-season and avoid another contract with David Perron.

David Perron brings veteran mentorship to the Motor City |

The Detroit Red Wings are focused on the present. I’m starting to look ahead, but largely because it’s that time of year when prospects get a taste of the NHL and start making some noise during their 10-game tryouts. Detroit has brought up Simon Edvinsson and is competing for a playoff spot.

The Detroit Red Wings must be strategic with their forward core this summer and next year. One thing that must be agreed upon is that David Perron should not receive another contract. He’s an unrestricted free agent and should be released after this season, assuming Detroit lets him go.

This may not appear to be a significant claim or a monumental stance, but I know there are people out there that want to keep Perron as a locker room person. He has proven himself in the NHL, boosted team spirit, and benefited Detroit off the ice.

There is no denying that. Perron’s intangible contributions benefit the club. However, the tangibles are concerning and leave a significant gap if you consider this team as a postseason contender. Detroit has to make some upgrades, and moving on from Perron this offseason would provide that opportunity.

Detroit Red Wings need to refrain from re-signing David Perron.

Perron has played 63 games, scoring 13 goals and 22 assists for a total of 35 points. He has appeared in 63 games for the Red Wings but has not been a particularly notable player. Something needs to give in Detroit. They must see this, especially given the difficult performance.

He’s been fine, but he’s no more than a bottom-six forward. He’s had some ugly defensive games, and while he’s scored 13 goals, his mistakes and sloppy defensive work have lost the opposition some points. He signed a two-year contract with the Red Wings before the 2022-23 season.

However, with a $4.75 million cap cost on his two-year contract and unrestricted free agency on the horizon, it is time to cut bait and go in a different way. Embrace the young movement. The Red Wings have some guys in the minors to call on; now is the time to try to fill some gaps from within.

Players like Marco Kasper deserve this chance. Kasper, a former first-round pick, has enough to admire about himself as well. Not to mention that they could always sign a younger free agent if necessary—but the moment has come to start trusting their younger players.

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