Breaking News: Just In New Orleans Saints Confirm Reach Contract Agreement For Another Top Experienced Star

A recent personnel move by the New Orleans Saints could have a significant effect on how well the defense plays for the team in 2024.

Chase Young signed a one-year contract worth up to $13 million with the Saints despite having suffered from serious ailments over the previous few years.

For a guy with a history of injuries, this might seem like a big financial commitment, but the Saints see something in Young.

The Saints may think Young can return to that level because he won defensive rookie of the year and appeared to be the reincarnation of Aaron Donald at his best.

They have safeguarded themselves with Young’s contract even if they are eager to see what he may accomplish in 2024.

There are other per-game roster bonuses for Young, as reporter Ross Jackson has lately noted, and they are, in his words, “likely to be earned.”

He did say that these bonuses are “prorated over five years,” meaning that they will be applied to the team’s cap in 2024.

Although this is an unusual deal arrangement, the Saints are well-known for their ability to take advantage of the salary cap in a way that very few other teams have been able to.

The Saints are the ones who can figure it out, as they have shown over the last few seasons.

It will be interesting to watch how well they get out of this investment and whether Young can return to his dominant form, which should help this defense regain its dominance.


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