Latest News: New Orleans Saints Just Confirm The Signing OF Chiefs Top Sensational Star

Defensive end Chase Young and the New Orleans Saints reached an agreement on Tuesday for a one-year contract worth up to $13 million, with $5.01 million guaranteed and a $3.5 million cap hit. The fan base was ecstatic about the signing at first, but once word spread that he would soon be having neck surgery, the joy subsided. After he sustained a stinger during the previous preseason, it is said that the neck injury has long been a recognized problem. Still, the fine print of his deal makes this another wise signing.

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS, Chase Young’s deal includes roster bonuses worth $7.99 million each game.

His roster bonus for each game drops to about $438,889 each game. The Saints are only required to pay him the per-game roster bonus if he is listed as an active player. Whatever the case, I anticipate that both parties will want to see him get all $13 million that is specified in his contract because it would indicate that he is in good health and hopefully starting to produce.


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