Breaking News Just In New Orleans Saints Confirm THE Signing OF NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

Defensive end Chase Young, formerly of the Washington Commanders and San Francisco 49ers, inked a $13 million deal with the New Orleans Saints. It does seem as though Young, the previous defensive rookie of the year, accepted the best money offer that was made available to him. Young did have a good year in 2023 between Washington and San Francisco, but he has not lived up to his draft status.

In addition to 15 QB hits, he recorded 7.5 sacks, 25 total tackles, and seven tackles for loss. You would think that after being selected second overall, Chase Young would be more effective, but so far, things haven’t worked out that way. At the NFL trade deadline in 2023, he was traded from Washington to San Francisco, where he played with the 49ers and went to the Super Bowl.

But the fact that he occasionally put in less effort may have contributed to his inability to sign a long-term contract and extended period of unsigning. The New Orleans Saints, who appear to be kicking the financial can down the road year after year, signed Young to a one-year, $13 million contract. Soon after signing, he said the following:

Is Chase Young aware that Drew Brees and Sean Payton are no longer with us? The Saints haven’t made the playoffs since the two Hall of Fame players left, and they didn’t even make it in 2021—Sean Payton’s last season with the organization. Over the previous three years, they have performed 9-8, 7-10, and 9-8, significantly underperforming in 2023.

The team made a big splash in the summer when they signed Derek Carr, a quarterback with a dismal career. The Saints’ decision to sign Carr, who will be with them for another season, was perplexing. Dennis Allen and Derek Carr, the quarterback and head coach, are hardly inspirational. To claim that his new team has a “winning culture” after leaving San Francisco, a top-tier Super Bowl contender, is quite the statement.

Young has put himself in a good position to maybe get compensated in 2025. Having had a successful year in 2023, he will once more be a free agent in the upcoming offseason, in which he would be 26 years old. Young may be taking a slight risk by betting on himself, but it’s also possible that he wasn’t presented with a long-term deal he was interested in.

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