“I Will Leave For Him To Play” Kansas City Chiefs Top Sensational Star Announced His Departure…….”

The L’Jarius Sneed deal has drawn a lot of criticism for the Kansas City Chiefs, with many criticizing both their return and their decision to let him go. This defense suffers a significant hit with Sneed’s departure, but it also gives room to maneuver in NFL free agency.

Kansas City gave Sneed a fully guaranteed salary of $19.802 million for the upcoming season when they placed the franchise tag on him. In addition to earning a third-round pick in 2025, the trade of him to the Tennessee Titans gave the Chiefs’ front staff an extra $19.02 million in cap space.

Cap space for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2024: $27.41 million
See where the Kansas City Chiefs place in the NFL defense rankings in relation to this

Kansas City has an advantage here since several teams are currently concentrating on the 2024 NFL Draft while others are waiting for player demand to decrease. In light of this, the Chiefs should use their increased cap room to pursue the following three free agent targets.

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