Breaking News: Just In New York Giants Are In Talk To Sign Top Sensational Superstar Quarterback

With the top pick, Schoen has already stated that the team is at the very least considering quarterbacks, and Jones just finished a season marred by two significant injuries. He is presently recovering from an ACL tear. J.J. McCarthy of Michigan and Drake Maye of North Carolina have already visited the Giants. Along with Tim McDonnell, the director of player personnel at USC, Schoen attended Caleb Williams’ pro day last week. McCarthy’s pro day in Ann Arbor was attended by quarterbacks coach Shea Tierney and assistant general manager Brandon Brown.

“I am aware that they are observing the quarterbacks. As you’ve seen,” Mara remarked. “Some of those players have been in; they’ve attended some of the pro days. As for how we’re going to proceed with that, I don’t think they’re even close to making a decision. Over the coming weeks, those conversations will take place.”

The front staff has informed Mara that this batch of quarterbacks is the “most talented group [to come out] in years.”

Assuming Jones stays healthy, the expectation is still that he will start for the Giants in Week 1. Jones had started jogging on land, according to Schoen, who stated on Monday that there had been no problems.

Mara said that he continued to have faith in Jones. The owner of the Giants explained why Jones’ 2023 season—which saw him throw just two touchdown passes—was such a flop. He brought attention to the injuries, the team’s poor blocking performance, and the general dearth of attacking quality on the pitch. It rendered the situation untenable, in his opinion.

Mara does not see the Giants giving up on Jones, even if they select a quarterback this year in the draft.

“No, I don’t think so,” Mara responded. “Why don’t we allow them to face off? Let them battle it out and let the stronger man prevail.”

The fact that the owners of the Giants are even considering taking this route speaks something about them. In addition to the $82 million guaranteed, they will lose $22 million if they cut Jones after this season.

Mara is adamant that won’t influence the choice.

“I don’t think it has any effect if they have a conviction on a quarterback and fall in love with a quarterback,” he stated. “I’m certainly not going to stand in the way of them.”

Right now, all of this is purely speculative. The Giants might not even be able to select the quarterback they want in this draft. Jim Harbaugh, the coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, had said earlier in the day that the top four picks might be quarterbacks. Schoen brought up this comment. That would be Williams, McCarthy, Maye, and Jayden Daniels of LSU. As a result, the Giants at No. 6 and the Chargers at No. 5 would be in fantastic shape.

Right now, it’s widely believed that quarterbacks will be selected in the first three spots by the Chicago Bears, Washington Commanders, and New England Patriots. The notion that none of those picks were for sale didn’t sit well with Schoen.

He answered, “I wouldn’t say that.” “There are no people slamming doors. I believe everyone is going to pay attention.”

According to Schoen, there’s still a chance the Giants move up, drop out, or remain at No. 6. Everything is placed on the table.

It will be decided by him and Daboll. Mara was actually offended by the idea that he is an owner who meddles.

“I let the head coach and general manager assemble the team. Here, we’ve run things the same way for a long time,” he remarked. “I will not become involved if they are adamant on a player. I will ask them about it. I’ll force them to justify their stance. However, I will only become engaged and make an effort if I believe there is a problem with behavior off the field. And it has taken place. Not with the group, but on extremely rare instances in the past.

“In terms of them evaluating the players, if they have a conviction about a player and want to draft one, get one in free agency, then all I want to make sure is that both of them are on the same page.”


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