“I Will Leave For Him To Play” Just In New Orleans Saints Top Sensational Superstar Announced His Departure………”

Former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas is considering his options in free agency for the first time in his eight NFL seasons. The NFL’s record holder for most receptions in a single season has seen four consecutive seasons cut short or terminated before they could start because of injury. He never quite managed to gain the respect of head coach Dennis Allen, but now he gets the chance to sign with a team whose staff is eager to have him play.

Three teams would be Thomas’s perfect suitors. All three clubs are in need of a reliable possession guy or an accomplished veteran to fill the third position. He wouldn’t be under pressure to be the top target, which is the most significant aspect of these slots. Let’s examine those three groups.

Michael Thomas 1 could make his way to the Dolphins.
Miami Dolphins: 11-6, second in the AFC East in 2023 Logo for Miami Dolphins
It seems natural that the Dolphins are the most frequent suitor associated with Thomas’s name. Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, their two current top wide receivers, are both speedsters; in comparison, Thomas would be a bigger-bodied possession-catch X receiver in their WR3 slot. The Dolphins could get Thomas for a reasonable price, and he would be a significant upgrade over River Cracraft and Braxton Berrios, who rank as the next best choices.

The Dolphins’ approximately $13.6 million in cap space for 2024 is more than enough to lure him to South Beach, especially considering his contract from the Saints dropped to just $1.165 million for the 2023 season. Thomas might be enticed in with a one-year, $1.3 million deal because of the temptation of being in Miami, playing on a roster full of stars for a coach who is rapidly rising, and having a position more fitting for this stage of his career. That would place him in the same ballpark as WR3s Jalen Reagor of New England and Khadarel Hodge of Atlanta.
Michael Thomas could end up with the Broncos.

Denver Broncos: 8-9, third in the AFC West in 2023

Denver Broncos emblem
As a member of the Denver Broncos, Thomas might have the opportunity to rejoin former Saints head coach Sean Payton, according to ESPN’s Bill Barnwell. Thomas wouldn’t be expected to be the WR1 at Mile High with players like Courtland Sutton and Marvin Mims Jr. on the field either. When healthy, Payton knows how to employ him; under the former New Orleans head coach, he had all four of his greatest seasons.

In the 2024 NFL Draft, the Broncos plan to select a quarterback, and that young talent will require as many dependable choices as possible. Thomas and Tim Patrick, who is also frequently injured, can compete for third place on the depth chart, with the fourth player serving as a trustworthy backup in case the player in front of him becomes hurt. The Broncos still have a little over $21 million to work with, despite having $53 million in dead money on their books. They may outbid the Dolphins for Thomas’ services with an extended contract to keep him around for the rookie signal-caller growth arc.

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The Saints don’t need to search far to find a possible Michael Thomas substitute.
The New Orleans Saints have let go of Michael Thomas, but the team may be able to find a suitable replacement for Thomas within the organization.

Texas A&M vs. LSU | Mar. 25, 2024 | By Jaleel Grandberry
LSU vs. Texas A&M | Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Michael Thomas, a legend of the New Orleans Saints, is currently looking for a new team. Now that the eight successful seasons with the Saints are behind him, both parties are moving on. With Chris Olave as their new top receiver and Rashid Shaheed, Cedrick Wilson Jr., and A.T. Perry filling in, New Orleans is moving on as Thomas’ future remains uncertain.

That isn’t sufficient in the NFL of today, though. Perry and Shaheed both have the ability to elevate their performances, but New Orleans still has to locate a high-potential receiver. That receiver might be a first-round pick or an experienced player available in free agency.

In a recent mock draft for 2024, Josh Edwards of CBS Sports identified the particular receiver and expressed his belief that he will be selected as a potential. According to Edwards, Brian Thomas Jr. of LSU will be selected by New Orleans at pick number 14.

Brian Thomas Jr., WR, was chosen by the Saints in a mock draft.
Edwards disagrees with the numerous draft experts who believe that New Orleans will select one of the several gifted offensive tackles in this class at number 14. He contends that Brian Thomas Jr. will be chosen by the Saints to take Michael Thomas’s place. Thomas Jr., according to Edwards, is the “typical X receiver” who can free up Chris Olave to align himself around the formation.

Thomas won’t have to travel far if New Orleans chooses him. Thomas was raised in Walker, Louisiana, and has spent his entire life there. After three years at LSU, where he was a dominant player with Malik Nabers—who might be the first receiver off the board—he is leaving. Thomas participated in 38 games over the course of three years with the Tigers, hauling in 127 passes for 1,897 yards and 24 touchdowns.

At the NFL Combine, he increased his already notable profile by measuring in at 6-foot-3 and 209 pounds and blazing a 4.33 40-yard dash. Numerous people are optimistic that he will succeed in the NFL because of his stature, speed, and agility. In New Orleans, will he do that?

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