NFL Report: Just In Kansas City Chiefs Confirm Another Signing OF Top Sensational Superstar

Andy Reid, the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, responded to the media during the NFL’s Annual League Meetings on March 18 after the Chiefs signed wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown.

Reid stated, via Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports, on March 25, “Yeah, I think Marquise (Brown) gives you the speed element on the outside or inside, for that matter.” “He has participated in every role. He’s a smart child, in my opinion. I believe he’ll work well with Trav (Travis Kelce) and Rashee (Rice). Then, he’s had a few successful years, correct? I would so welcome that in.

Despite having a number of successful seasons in the NFL, 27-year-old Brown has struggled with injuries both on and off the field, missing eight games in the last two seasons. Reid understandably wants to see that improve during Brown’s tenure in Kansas City.

“I need to watch him closely. I believe his primary concern is maintaining his health. Reid stated, “It’s been a problem up until now,” according to Kerr. “He appears to be in excellent health. He’s got a positive attitude.

He’s joining a solid, supportive group there. He might be able to improve that space, in my opinion.

Chiefs wide receiver Hollywood’s contract details Brown
Brown has a one-year contract worth up to $11 million with the two-time defending Super Bowl winners, worth $7 million.

Over The Cap claims that Brown’s contract includes a $6.5 million guarantee. Brown receives additional compensation in the form of playing time incentives ($500,000 if he plays 45% of the snaps, $625,000 for 52.5% snap share, $750,000 for 60% snap share, $1.5 million for 75% snap share), touchdown incentives ($500,000 for 5 TDs, $750,000 for 7 TDs, $1 million for 7 TDs), and receiving yards incentives ($500,000 for 500 receiving yards, $625,000 for 625 yards, $750,000 for 750 yards, $1.5 million for 1,000 yards).

The $11 million that the Chiefs will have to pay Brown for the 2024 season will be more than justified if he fulfills all of the incentives outlined in his deal.

At the 101 Awards, Patrick Mahomes Discusses Hollywood Brown
At the 101 Awards, Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Chiefs, talked about Hollywood Brown.

On March 22, Mahomes stated, via PJ Green of Fox 4 in Kansas City, “I’ve been impressed by how hungry he’s been.” It’s evident that he wants to succeed. He obviously wants to do well; after all, who doesn’t? However, it’s evident that he aspires to be a part of something exceptional—a part of greatness.

Although Brown can play in the slot or out wide, he excels most on intermediate and deep routes. Brown can win at all three levels of the field.

The routes that Brown ran the most in 2023 had the highest success rates, according to Matt Harmon of Reception Perception: out routes (88.9%), post routes (81.5%), dig routes (79.5%), and curl routes (78%).

In the 2023 season, Kansas City’s offense finds it difficult to regularly produce plays downfield. That problem will be resolved in 2024, though, if Reid and Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy can figure out how to get Brown open downfield.

In Kansas City, Brown joins a receiver room that includes Justin Watson, Montrell Washington, Cornell Powell, Justyn Ross, Shi Smith, Anthony Miller, Jacob Copeland, and Rashee Rice.


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