Good News: Just In New York Jets Have Reached Verbal Agreement To Re-Signing Fans Favorite Sensational Star

Thomas Morstead discusses re-signing with the New York Jets and responds to queries from fans.

When the NY Jets decided to bring back star punter Thomas Morstead this offseason, they granted the wishes of a great deal of Jets fans. After having a stellar 2023 season with the Jets, Morstead signed a two-year, $5.1 million contract to rejoin the team.

The 15-year NFL veteran finished with the greatest yards per punt since his Pro Bowl 2012 campaign, and he led the league in both punt totals and punt yards. To this point in his NFL career, Morstead’s 36 punts downed within the 20-yard line were also by far the most.

Throughout his two years with the Jets, Morstead has cultivated a close relationship with the team’s supporters. His unwavering dedication to engaging with fans and the larger Jets media community is partly responsible for that.

Earlier this month, after Morstead returned to the Jets, we had the good fortune to speak with him. We talked about his choice to re-sign with the Jets, and then Morstead responded to a number of inquiries from fans.

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Thomas Morstead about formally rejoining the NY Jets after signing a new contract with Justin Fried: “How does it feel now that you’re back with the Jets?”

Thomas Morstead: “There is a lot of excitement. Happy to be back. Both my family and I are thrilled to be working with the same group of experts once again. Definitely glad to be back.”

JF: “Tell me about the process of getting back to the Jets. Were other teams interested in signing you, or were you planning to stay with the Jets?”

TM: “Our financial landing point was a reasonable one. Everyone is happy that everything worked out and thrilled. Right now, all I can think about is the upcoming season.”

What Thomas Morstead loves most about the NY Jets
John Fitzgerald: “What is your favorite Jets memory thus far?”

TM: “Amazingly, a lot exists. To be honest, I believe that the 2021 season is my fondest Jets memory. It occurred during the 400-yard touchdown pass by Mike White, which had the entire crowd shouting his name. That day, we managed to defeat a very strong Cincinnati club. It was simply a fantastic experience. In that instant, I recall thinking, ‘This doesn’t happen right here.’ Being a part of it was simply an awesome experience.”

Greg Zuerlein against Thomas Morstead?
JF: “Are you a better field goal kicker than punter Greg Zuerlein? Which of you is more adept at the other’s line of work?”

TM: “I would like to say myself since, even in college, I was able to kick field goals with a fair amount of efficiency, and I still maintain the ability to do so. I’m not too familiar with Greg’s football punting, so I can’t speak to that. I hope the truth stays a secret. We both seem to be doing a decent job in our professions, and I hope we may both continue to be well and productive.”

JF asked, “Is Greg the emergency punter?”

TM: “He is a potential backup punter. I’m not exactly sure how to respond to that because I know there are a couple other guys on the squad that punted in high school. On the punter depth chart, they don’t even list a No. 2. Perhaps they want to hide that in case they decide to take action at some point.”

“What makes [special teams coordinator] Brant Boyer so good at what he does?” asks Thomas Morstead about Brant Boyer Jr.

TM: “He was a vital member of the special team and played professionally for more than ten years. He is aware of the rules of the game and what it’s like to play in this league. He understands it instantly. His capacity to distinguish between his roles as your buddy and boss. He is aware of when you should be working and when you should have a beer on a Sunday night following the game. He understands everything. He’s the best person I’ve ever been around at compartmentalizing it. Additionally, he sometimes finds it tough to deal with the fact that he puts his heart on his sleeve, but you always know where you stand with him. He’s not scared to tell players the truth because they always want to hear it. I could go on forever. I simply trust him, and he trusts me, to put it simply. You’ll receive the greatest version of each other and hopefully it will work in harmony to produce amazing outcomes when you can genuinely say that about both parties in a relationship. I adore being in his presence. I’m here because of him.”

Is Thomas Morstead a linebacker for us?
JF asked, “If you weren’t a punter, what position would you play?”

TM: “Linebacker, that’s my guess. Not that I think I’d make a good one, but those are my guys on the squad no matter what. Perhaps it’s because so many of them play punt for the team. I believe my mindset is that of a linebacker, but my body is more suited for a punter. I’ve always been friends with linebackers. In general, I’ve also hung out with a lot of the offensive lineman. Sometimes working as a lineman is terribly unappreciated. They put in all the grubby, nasty work and receive little recognition or affection in return. I truly get along with those two position groups.”

JF: “That makes sense, considering that punters are among the most unappreciated players in sport. You do have the greatest completion % in Jets history, so perhaps you were a quarterback in a previous life.

TM: “It’s humorous. On that throw, I appear to be a tightly wrapped javelin thrower. I haven’t performed many fakes in my career because of this, among other reasons. It’s not always visually appealing. It seems like I’m running. It’s all about finishing it, though. Being able to accomplish that was cool.”

The greatest guidance “What is the best advice you’ve been given in your football career?” asked JF to Thomas Morstead.

TM: “There’s no magical destination where you’ve arrived and figured it out; it’s guidance and learning experience combined in equal measure. It will always be difficult. All that matters is the voyage. As soon as you complete one task, you wonder what comes next. There’s more mountain for you to climb. You start dying the moment you give up climbing. You’re growing worse if you’re not getting better, albeit that may not be the best word to use. Every year, guys become more skilled, so if you’re not improving and becoming more productive, you’re going to lose out. It bears similarities to parenthood. Your kids evolve and keep growing as soon as you figure them out. You have to keep evolving and changing at all times. All you need to do is be prepared to adapt at all times. There will never be a peak where you can claim to have everything figured out. The procedure is still in progress.”

JF: “I adore that. That’s general counsel for life, not just for football. You’re acting morally as long as you’re always trying to get better—even if it’s just few steps at a time.”

TM: “I believe it’s similar to compound interest, yes. All of the benefits, whether they are monetary, skill- or relationship-related, come from compound interest. You have to keep expanding since there are many others working just as hard as you are, even though the gains will get less. Really, I believe that to be a law of life.”

Last comments from Thomas Morstead TM: “I’ve definitely felt [the love from fans].” It’s been greatly valued. Personally, I think it’s nice to feel like I’ve discovered a second home. I hope we can accomplish some amazing things. I’m looking forward to the season because it’s exciting.”

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