Latest Yankees News: Just In New York Yankees Confirm To Reach Contract Agreement For Fans Favorite Sensational Star

Juan Soto of the Yankees has one wish for his next deal.
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General manager Brian Cashman has stated repeatedly that the slugger is in New York for a single season after the Yankees acquired Juan Soto this offseason.

Even while those kinds of comments are typical for a prospective free agent—especially one who represents Scott Boras—they serve as a reminder that Soto’s time in the Bronx may not last long. Next offseason, Soto will have his first taste of freedom.



It is obvious that the outfielder has one goal in mind for his next contract, regardless of whether it is with the Yankees or someone else: a long-term agreement where he will end his career. Soto, who turns 26 in the offseason, stated to ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez that he intends for his first long-term contract to be his last.

“Everyone wants to be where they’re going to finish their career at the end of the day,” stated Soto.

“A lot of players found this free agency to be quite difficult, but I believe that any person in the clubhouse, no matter where they are, will be glad to be in a long-term contract and strive to end their career as best they can. For me, staying put and attempting to complete this transaction in that exact position each time is ideal.

It’s possible that Soto will get his desire, and he’ll get paid handsomely—possibly more than $500 million. It is possible that Soto will wait to sign an agreement with the Yankees until the winter to see how the market is. Before a deal is reached, Boras usually brings his clients to free agency.It makes logical for Soto to feel this way.

He assumed that the Washington Nationals, his first Major League franchise, would be his retirement team. “I had no desire to leave Washington… I genuinely thought I was going to be there my entire career,” he said last month to The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner.

After Soto turned down a $440 million over 15-year extension offer from Washington in 2022, the Nationals moved him to the Padres. After more success, he will now be searching for a long-term agreement that goes above and beyond that.

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