Breaking News: Just In Buffalo Bills Confirm To Reach Contract Agreement For Another Top Sensational Superstar

Details of Taron Johnson’s contract: The Bills are home to the highest-paid slot cornerback in the NFL.
The terms of Taron Johnson’s 2024 contract extension are in.

Prior to joining SB Nation as Associate Director of NFL coverage, Matt Warren spent over ten years covering the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings.
We proposed earlier in the offseason that the Buffalo Bills should consider extending cornerback Taron Johnson in order to reduce his salary limit burden. That’s precisely what the Bills accomplished last week when they extended Johnson’s contract to three years and $31 million. It just took a little while.

The deal figures are provided by Over The Cap, and in contrast to some of the other agreements this season, the Buffalo Bills made the most of the cap room they were able to push forward. The Bills are optimistic that Johnson can continue to play at a high level for many years to come, even though he will turn 28 this offseason.

Johnson’s projected $12.4 million 2024 cap hit has been reduced to $8.448 million, a savings of over $4 million.

For a total of $17.825 million, the Bills completely guaranteed the last year of his former contract (2024) and the first year of the new contract (2025). The $1.125 million guaranteed salary in 2024 and the $7.25 million signing bonus played a part in that. His salary of $5.2 million and the $4.25 million option bonus are guaranteed in full for 2025.

His salary increase to $8.1 million in 2026 and $9 million in 2027, although nothing is certain at this time.

Johnson has a workout bonus ($150,000 through 2026 and $500,000 in 2027) and an active bonus ($30,000 per game up to $510,000) for each of the contract’s seasons, as is typical for a Brandon Beane contract.

To stretch out the cap hit, the Bills inserted multiple void years after 2027. By then, Johnson will be thirty-two, therefore it’s very likely that he won’t receive another deal. If they elect to terminate the contract early, the dead-cap hits aren’t very onerous.

Johnson overtakes Colts cornerback Kenny Moore to become the NFL’s highest-paid slot cornerback with this agreement. Moore signed a $30 million, three-year contract extension earlier in the offseason.

The annual breakdowns are as follows:

$1 million prorated signing bonus for 2024–2021
Bonus for prorated options in 2022: $1.5 million
Prorated contract reorganization for 2023: $2.2125 million
$500,000 in roster bonuses (already paid)
$1.45 million is the new prorated signing bonus.
$150,000 is the workout bonus. $30,000 is the per-game active bonus, up to $510,000 ($510,000 LTBE)
$1.125 million is the base pay (totally guaranteed).

Cash for the year: $9.535 million

$8.4475 million is the cap hit.

Prorated signing bonus for 2025–2024: $1.45 million
Bonus for prorated options in 2025: $850,000
$150,000 as a workout bonus; $30,000 as an active incentive for each game up to $510,000
Base pay: $5.2 million, which is entirely assured.

Cash for the year: $10.11 million

$8.16 million is the cap hit.

Prorated signing bonus for 2026–2024: $1.45 million
Bonus for prorated options in 2025: $850,000
$150,000 as a workout bonus
Active bonus for each game: $30,000 up to $510,000
Base pay: $8.1 million

AD Cash for the year: $8.76 million

Maximum impact: $11.06 million
$7.75 million is the dead-cap if cut.
$3.31 million in cap savings if cut

Prorated signing bonus for 2027–2024: $1.45 million
Bonus for prorated options in 2025: $850,000
Exercise Bonus: $500,000 Active Bonus: $30,000 for each game played, up to $510,000
starting pay of $9,032,333

Cash for a year: $10,042,333

12,342,333 is the cap hit.
$5.45 million is the dead-cap if cut.
$6,892,333 in cap savings if cut

2028 VOID YEAR $1.45 million prorated signing bonus 2024
Bonus for prorated options in 2025: $850,000

Accelerated dead cap for 2029: $850,000

Dead-cap $3.15 million if not resigned

2025 prorated option bonus: $850,000 2029 VOID YEAR

Dead-cap if not resigned: $850,000; if not signed, it accelerates to 2028.



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