Caitlin Clark set to join non-WNBA basketball league? Here is what she has to say amid $5 million offer

Caitlin Clark may be dominating every opponent she faces while playing collegiate basketball for the Iowa Hawkeyes, but her time in the NCAA is coming to an end shortly. Soon, she’ll be the top pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft. Other basketball leagues, however, would love to try to motivate Clark to pursue an alternative path to extend her playing career.

Caitlin Clark reportedly offered $5 million from Ice Cube to join Big3  professional basketball league | CNN

According to Ice Cube, the BIG3 has offered Clark $5 million to join their 3-on-3 basketball league, which was launched in 2017 but has yet to take off like wildfire. Adding a star like Clark may be the elixir that propels the BIG3 to the next level. Clark, on the other hand, is solely focused on advancing the Iowa women’s basketball team in the NCAA Tournament.

“I don’t really talk about those topics with anyone. I have other people who cope with this. They haven’t mentioned anything to me about it. And my major focus is on this squad and helping us find a way to beat Colorado and perhaps win another one.”

If Clark accepts the BIG3’s $5 million offer, she will be able to pursue a WNBA career while under contract, and she will only be required to play in eight regular season games and two playoff games.

Furthermore, $5 million is a significant increase above what she would earn on a rookie contract in the WNBA.

Still, there is always the possibility of injury, and Clark may not want to jeopardize her WNBA career by competing in a league she isn’t fully committed to. Turning down that much money is difficult, but for a superstar like Clark, who could certainly earn far more in endorsement deals alone, passing up the big sum may be easier to stomach.


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