SAD NEWS: Just In New York Yankees Confirm Losing Top Sensational Star For $324 Million

Yankees Complete Pitcher Trade as $324 million star loss necessitates depth

Before the season began, club ace Gerrit Cole had an elbow injury that seriously hurt the already thin New York Yankees pitching staff.

Cole is expected to stay out of the field until at least June 1, which means the Yankees will need to find more pitching depth somewhere. Cole is entering the fifth year of a $324 million contract. The team opened the season with 25-year-old Luis Gil as the fifth player in the rotation, and it has since completed a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates to acquire right-hander JT Brubaker for $2.75 million as a potential backup later in the season.

Who Was JT Brubaker, Who the New York Yankees Acquired From the Pittsburgh Pirates?
After undergoing Tommy John surgery in April 2023, Brubaker is expected to make a midseason comeback. In addition, reports that the Pirates sent the Yankees international signing bonus money in return for a player who would be named later.

With the Pirates over three years, Brubaker has seen 315.2 innings with a 4.99 ERA and 324 strikeouts in his big-league career. He started on Opening Day for the Pirates in his final healthy season of 2022, going 28 starts with a 4.69 ERA.

Although those figures are not very promising, there is cause for optimism that the Yankees can help him maximize his arsenal and become a reliable starter or bullpen option.

Estevao Maximo wrote for Pinstripe Alley, “Working on some changes in the spring 2023 prior to his injury, Brubaker had 15 punchouts in only 8 frames, enough to make you look at what was different.” “It wouldn’t be out of the question for the Yankees to collaborate with him to optimize a sweeper pitch, which would be more fitting for his profile than the curveball, which performed admirably in a brief sample.”

The Yankees have some leeway to make this low-risk transaction thanks to Brubaker’s contract.

According to CBS Sports’ Mike Axisa, “Brubaker is owed $2.275 million this year and will remain under team control as an arbitration-eligible player in 2025.” “The Yankees can send him to Triple-A in 2024 and 2025 without having to worry about him being placed on waivers because he still has two minor league options.” This allows them some roster flexibility while he recovers from surgery on his elbow.

What Will the New York Yankees’ Roster Look Like in 2024?
If Cole’s absence is as short-lived as anticipated, Brubaker probably won’t help in the rotation, but the Yankees could use some depth beyond their front-line starter. As things stand, their staff is depending on Cole, Gil, Carlos Rodon, and Nestor Cortes to recover from their injuries.

Opening Day proved to be a difficult beginning for Cortes as he allowed four earned runs in five innings against the Houston Astros, despite the fact that the team still prevailed.

Although Brubaker may be a longer-term project, the squad probably could use a more capable right-hander as soon as feasible. They might not have enough pitching to fulfill their hopes of winning the World Series, even with him on the team.


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