Latest Update: Just In Houston Texans Announced THE Signing OF Another Top Sensational Superstar From NFL

Upon the Buffalo Bills’ harsh trade to the Houston Texans, Stefon Diggs talks about their departure.
Following his stunning trade to the Houston Texans from the Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs has broken his silence. The general manager Brandon Beane and wife receiver Brandon Diggs have both addressed the transfer.

The talented receiver sent an emotional goodbye to Buffalo, his teammates, and the team’s supporters on Instagram on Wednesday night.

He wrote, “I have so much love and respect for the city of Buffalo that words cannot begin to describe.” I had four of the happiest years of my life in that city, which embraced me. I will always be appreciative of all of you and the @buffalobills team!

Over the years, I have established something very unique with some very special men who will always hold a particular place in my heart. Billsmafia, so many amazing moments accumulated over the years. You were the reason those games were so insane. Sadly, pleasant things come to an end till we cross paths again.

The Bills’ general manager, Brandon Beane, also discussed the Diggs trade, which netted the team a 2025 second-round pick. In addition, the Bills traded Houston a 2025 fifth-round selection and a 2024 sixth-round pick (at pick No. 189 overall). “These are incredibly difficult moves that are never easy. Not produced in a day,” he remarked.

“Whenever you make a play like this, which is, as I mentioned, really tough, you’re doing it because you want to win. People may not always notice that. The Bills are not giving up, attempting to regress, or anything of the sort with this. Our goal in all we do is to succeed. We’re going to keep doing it.

Beane conceded that the team might not be better off at the moment following the trade of their best wide receiver and Josh Allen’s favorite target. Buffalo has little money set aside for future acquisitions, and Diggs’ new contract would have brought in $70 million.

“Have we improved today? Most likely not,” he stated. “It’s a work in progress, and we’re going to continue to work on that.”

Beane added that although he didn’t inform Allen of the move in advance, he did alert him to the possibility of a significant shift. “Since the relocation, I have not spoken with [Allen]. Since he lives on the West Coast, he most likely woke up to the relocation happening while he was asleep, Beane clarified.

“I’ll go back around with him. Josh and I talk about various topics on a fairly frequent basis. If I have any suspicions, I feel it’s crucial that I check to make sure he won’t be taken by surprise. I did let Josh know there had been some queries and it wasn’t completely off the table, without delving into the conversation from our most recent conversation.”



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