SAD NEWS: Just In New York Yankees Very Top Sensational Superstar Just Announced His Departure With…………..

“Nobody had any interest in what I had to say,” said the Yankees icon as he was leaving.
Legendary player Reggie Jackson stated that he solely supports the Houston Astros over the New York Yankees on game days. For good reason: since May 2021, Jackson has served as special advisor to Jim Crane, the owner of the Astros.

Jackson will always hold a particular place in his heart for the Yankees. Jackson made his nickname “Mr. October” and experienced some of his best moments as a player there. In February 2021, he left his position as an advisor there, which he had held since 1993, citing a lack of respect and consideration from individuals such as Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.

In an interview with Joel Sherman and Jon Heyman of The New York Post for the Tuesday “The Show” podcast, he discussed his leaving once more.

“What I had to say about players, the organization, or free agents had no interest at all,” Jackson claimed.

As his function shrank, the decision had been simmering for a “couple of years,” according to Jackson. In an ideal world, he would have a say in choices about the team’s major league talent pipeline. In five years, who would take Gleyber Torres’ job at second base, for example?

“We weren’t able to connect on the same level or in the same mind,” Jackson claimed in his encounters and talks with Brian. “I never really had a say in how our minor league system or the roster would be assembled; these are individuals we would look to, if you will, to fill in the gaps. Even though I didn’t need to make the final decision on anything, I still wanted to be involved.

Jackson spent five seasons with the Yankees, winning two of his five World Series. In 1997, he won his second MVP award in the series after hitting home runs in four straight at-bats. Throughout the regular season, he was a.281 hitter for the Yankees with 144 home runs and 461 RBI.

Jackson now indicated that he assists Crane more on the major league side with the Astros. Jackson loves Crane as an owner because of his ability to balance a winning mentality with a compassionate approach and an appreciation for diversity.

Jackson claimed to have a “family relationship with the Steinbrenners” and that he could “go back there tomorrow” if he so desired, even after leaving the Yankees.


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