JUST IN: Bears superstar vow ‘not to lose’ to NFC North rival in 2024

The Bears are unquestionably developing something special this offseason, but they remain the NFC North’s underdog.

NBC Sports] Montez Sweat: I'm not losing to the Packers this year : r/CHIBears

Defensive end Montez Sweat, who Chicago acquired at the trade deadline last season, is eager to change that perception, particularly against his team’s greatest division foe.

“I’m letting you know right now, man, I’m not losing to Green Bay this year,” Sweat declared on the “Green Light” podcast, hosted by former NFL edge rusher Chris Long. I can’t do it, guy. I will not lose to Green Bay this year. We’ve started a tremendous competition over there.”

Sweat feels deeply about defeating the Packers, which is odd given that he only faced them once as a Bear. However, it may still be fresh in his memory, given his sole encounter with Green Bay ended in a 17-9 loss in Week 18 last season.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that the Packers have dominated the rivalry for quite some time, having won 10 consecutive, 17 of the previous 20 games, and 22 of the last 26.

If Sweat is to keep his pledge and destroy Green Bay’s domination, he must start up where he left off in 2023. The former first-round selection in 2019 had a career-high 57 tackles, 12.5 sacks, and three forced fumbles last season.

Still, the 27-year-old won’t be able to accomplish it alone, which is OK because Chicago has the first overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft. After trading QB Justin Fields to the Steelers earlier this summer, that selection will most likely be USC quarterback Caleb Williams.

In 2024, the Bears will undoubtedly appear different, but with plenty of potential. Will they finally satisfy expectations or return to the franchise’s prior struggles?

Only time will tell, but Sweat is convinced it will be the former.

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