OFFICIAL Patriots News: Just In New England Patriots Just Confirm THE Signing Of Another Top Experienced Star Player From…….

Why did the Patriots sign an Australian rugby player?
The Patriots signed four undrafted free agents this past weekend after rookie minicamp ended. Through the International Player Pathway program (IPP), former Australian rugby player Jotham Russell, one of New England’s newest additions, became a member of the team’s 90-man roster.

Established in 2017, the IPP offers top athletes worldwide the chance to get a roster spot on an NFL team. Thirty-seven players have signed with teams since the program’s start, and five of them have played in at least one regular season game.

For the majority of IPP athletes, getting into the NFL is their ultimate goal. However, the teams themselves stand to gain greatly as well. An additional incentive has been created by a rule change for 2024 that grants teams that sign IPP players a roster exemption. Russell is not going to count against New England’s cap even though they have 91 men on their list.


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